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Room DescriptionEdit

Welcome to Your Pants! Feel free to visit our affiliated enterprise, Your Belt, and possibly Your Tie if you're looking for a formal night out (but we don't recommend that).

Room OwnerEdit

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Room ModeratorsEdit

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Room RegularsEdit

Room Previous RegularsEdit



On July 18, 2013, DarkRainyKnight took ownership of what was then called Games Workshop, hoping to make a place where people from the past could come by to just hang out.

On July 23, 2013, the room name was changed to Your Pants from Games Workshop.

On August 11, 2013, room ownership was passed from DRK to MrGravy.

On December 30, 2013, the room name was temporarily changed from Your Pants to Travis Bennie's Room, in memory of travman301 .

On September 5,2014, room ownership was passed from MrGravy to Precarious.

Old WikiEdit

We all like to sit around and compare our hand-painted tin goblins. Has nothing to do with Games Workshop in any other respect, it's purely coincidence. Feel free to drop by and feed our curious tortoise.

The awesomest and most frequent contributors in the room are everyonelikespie, humbug52, lily84(who likes cheese), prinzofdarkness, and insaneflyinbear. PyreDominator is the current room owner. We are a very random crowd; we chat about just about anything and everything you can possibly think of, except for games.

Regarding the kongmarriage of humbug52 and lily84: After it was discovered that lily84 was to give birth to a kongchild and refused a kongbortion or kongdoption, the two sepparated in a lengthy and messy kongvorce. They are still on good terms though none know what happened to the kongchild.

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