Your First Quest
Your First Quest
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 4 easy badges.
Difficulty Very Easy
Awards Your First Medal and 20 points

Your First Quest is a quest for those new to Kongregate's quests. It is designed to be very easy to beat and quick to do with only four badges required to beat the quest.

Quest DescriptionEdit

It's time to earn some badges!

Hundreds of the best games on Kongregate contain tasks that award badges when completed -- visible to anyone from your profile. Below are just a few great games to get you started, hand-picked by the Kongregate staff for being simple to play and lots of fun. Earn every badge below to unlock Your First Medal and earn 20 bonus points!


Frosty's Fall
  Frosty's Fall Badge
Easy pts
Learn to Fly 2 » Destroy the snowman
Can't Outsmart Bullet
  Can't Outsmart Bullet Badge
Easy pts
Bullet Heaven » Kill 300 enemies
  Lighting the Way Badge
Easy pts
Pel » Reach a combo of at least 25
Spark of Life
  Spark of Life Badge
Easy pts
Little Wheel » Reach the final room

Excluded badgesEdit

Pants full of Squiggles
  Pants full of Squiggles Badge
Easy pts
The Fancy Pants Adventures » Finish a level with 100 squiggles in your pants

Fancy Pants Adventures 3 was replaced with Pel due to technical difficulties in some computers. The replacement game was chosen by the Kongregate forum.

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