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Yo Dawg Quest
Kong 5th anniversary medal
Type Quest
Requirements to Get 3 easy badges,
6 medium badges.
Difficulty Medium
Awards Kongregate 5th Anniversary Medal and 30 points

Yo Dawg is a quest in which you must get badges from games that are achievement-oriented. These badges revolve around getting in-game achievements in each of these games. This quest was created to celebrate Kongregate's 5th anniversary.

Quest DescriptionEdit

In honor of the 5th anniversary of Kongregate badges, behold the very first quest made by a Kongregate user. AtomicPineapple designed this quest to feature games that feature achievements. Is your mind blown? Take some time to recover, then earn every badge below to earn the Yo, dawg! medal and 30 bonus points!


Mission of Mayhem
  Mission of Mayhem Badge
Medium pts
Burrito Bison Revenge » Complete any 40 in-game missions
  Pearls of Wisdom Badge
Easy pts
Icy Fishes » Earn 30 awards
Gotta Get Down on Sundaes
  Gotta Get Down on Sundaes Badge
Medium pts
Papa's Freezeria » Earn any 20 in-game badges
Decorated Veteran
  Decorated Veteran Badge
Medium pts
mini Tower Defence (mTD) » Earn any 30 in-game achievements
Go Fleet!
  Go Fleet! Badge
Medium pts
Insectonator » Do your part! Kill bugs till you've earned 15 in-game achievements
05needsbadges badge
  "0/5 needs badges" Badge
Easy pts
UPGRADE COMPLETE! » Unlock the achievement system

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