Wish Upon a Star is a fantasy upgrade game, developed by CuriousGaming and published on Jun. 25, 2011.


The game tells the story of Tony, a boy who caught a falling star. The star asked Tony for a wish to be granted. Tony asked to bring his dead father back, being a big wish for one star, Tony must gather one thousand stars. 


Cursor keys or A/D to move.

W to jump.


Stargazer Badge
  Stargazer Badge
Easy pts
Wish Upon a Star » Collect 50 stars in one day
Careful What You Wish For Badge
  Careful What You Wish For Badge
Medium pts
Wish Upon a Star » Collect 1,000 stars and get your dad back


  • The game was made in a Kongregate GameJam: In 72 hours (or less).
  • The game has a sequel, Another 500 Stars, which was made for a better ending. Since the first one ended with Tony wishing his father's return from death but having a zombie instead!

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