William and Sly is is a platform-based adventure game. Developed by Kajenx and published on 20th of July, 2009.


You play as Sly, a fox with a goal to re-operate 13 runestones by which his master, William, used to teleport to an old storage cave. 

In order to re-operate a runestone, Sly must gather a certain number of fairyflies, being careful of darklings who target them. Darklings hide in the bushes and mud and give a surprise attack. 

Whenever you light a runestone, you'll get a charge that'll banish any darkling around you.

Throughout the game, you collect mushrooms, either found on the ground, in chests you open with keys you must find or turn switches on, which will grant you a path to other mushrooms. The game is full, as well, with secret tunnels to look for. 


WASD or ARROWS to move.

SHIFT to view the status screen.

Game saves automatically.


Un-Uncharted Territory Badge
  Un-Uncharted Territory Badge
Medium pts
William and Sly » Obtain the map from William
Meditation Gives You Wiiings Badge
  Meditation Gives You Wiiings Badge
Medium pts
William and Sly » Learn the power of flight
FoxDie Badge
  FoxDie Badge
Medium pts
William and Sly » Activate all 13 runes and kill the non-solid snake
Forest Buffet Indulgence Badge
  Forest Buffet Indulgence Badge
Hard pts
William and Sly » Collect 150 mushrooms


William and Sly Walkthrough (Medium, Medium, Medium and Hard Badges)25:45

William and Sly Walkthrough (Medium, Medium, Medium and Hard Badges)

How To Beat The Boss In William And Sly01:09

How To Beat The Boss In William And Sly

I know a lot of you guys will have trouble with the boss. Here's a tip that will make it seem almost easy.. The snake almost never travels in the same spot twice in a row. Just go to the place he went last and you'll be almost untouchable.

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