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Wartune is a free-to-play, MMO game.



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Wartune » Unlock the priest and paladin units by reaching level 20


With terrible customer service and a "Rolling Server" business plan.You can learn more about about the COO of R2Games,Jared Psigoda, in these 2 videos:

Jared Psigoda at 2012 GDC Europe

Professional Chinese Gold Farmer tells all - Exclusive Interview with Jared Psigoda

Wartune can be fun game just because they stole so many parts from other games then crammed all the parts into 1 game,making it very hard not to find something to do at any giving moment but if you want to be in the top ranks you need to spend $1000+ and every time your server merge be ready to spend even more.

Be careful of promotions you see in the forums.If you don't see the promotion in the game in"Hot Events" or Recharge Bonus in the game don't buy it because they like to tell players about promotions in the forums that never happen in game then you have keep sending them tickets or re-opening your ticket for about 2+months before you receive the your promotion.

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