Warfare: 1917 is a World War I strategy game. It was created by ConArtists of Armor Games.


The battlefield is an open field with you on one end and the enemy on the other end. You can recruit a variety of different units and send them towards the enemy, but the units have a cooldown timer regulating how often you can recruit units. More powerful units have a longer cooldown rate. The game stays true to the World War I theme by using trenches as strategic choke points. Trenches provide defensive cover, but there's only room for three infantry units. Since the goal is to reach the enemy's lines, sooner or later you have to leave the trench and assault the enemy. Since each level is essentially a straight line, you must always take into consideration each units' strength and firing range, both in a trench and when running over the top.

Each battle is won by reaching the opposite side of the battlefield with your troops, or by reducing the enemy's morale low enough to make them surrender. Seeing your fellow soldiers get slaughtered reduces the morale and will to fight, so even fights of attrition can be a strategic solution. Some troops are strong when defending a trench while others are designed for assaulting.

You can choose to play as either the British or the Germans, with a full campaign for each side. For each fight, you gain experience points which you can spend on a wide range of upgrades. You can choose different upgrade routes on later play-throughs, adding to the game's replayability. If you just want a quick battle to test out the game, there is a customizable skirmish mode with one battle.


Crossing the Line
  Crossing the Line Badge
Easy pts
Warfare: 1917 » Defeat the German army by conquering the entire field
War is Hell
  War is Hell Badge
Easy pts
Warfare: 1917 » Demoralize the German forces into surrender
Filling the Trenches
  Filling the Trenches Badge
Easy pts
Warfare: 1917 » Kill 100 German soldiers
Ending the War to End All Wars
  Ending the War to End All Wars Badge
Medium pts
Warfare: 1917 » Complete all 9 missions

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