Wake Up the Box 4 is a physics puzzle game in which the goal is to wake up Mr. Box, a person made out of a square block. Mr Box keeps falling asleep wherever he is places and it is your job to wake him up. Push him, pull him or tip him over. Whatever you need to do to jostle him awake. It is the sequel to Wake Up the Box 3.


Unlike the previous games in the Wake Up the Box series, you will not be placing out pre-made objects. Instead, in this installment, you will draw your own wooden shapes to affect the contraptions already existing on a level. To draw, hold down the left mouse button and draw a shape. To make the puzzles more of a challenge, only when you draw within the striped area can your creations become a wooden object. You can make a perfect circle by holding the Space bar while left-click and dragging in any direction. This comes in very handy when you are trying to make an object capable of rolling across the screen. Drawing around the small bearings will make whatever you draw rotate one way or the other depending on which side is heavier. If your crafted block doesn't work, you can double click on it to have it disappear. There are no limits to how many objects you can create on each level.

Wake-Up-the-Box-4 gp

The game introduces new elements such as dynamite.

The game has 30 levels for the player to solve and it revolves around creating the perfect objects to solve your puzzle. The game may require some timing when placing the objects. You create as many wooden objects as you require and let physics do the work to knock or shake Mr. Box awake. There is a bar of Zs which shows just now much Mr. Box has been jostled and you have to fill this bar to wake him up. Your goal is to wake him up by pushing him, pulling him or tipping him over. There are a lot of simple principles of seesaws and balls rolling down hills, especially in the early levels. Later in the game, some of the contraptions become more elaborate and the solution might not be that obvious until you've played around with the level a bit. There will be shapes that you need to draw that you may never have considered a shape until now. A new device is the dynamite which will explode if hit with enough impact and can propel wooden objects across the screen.


Boxed Punch
  Boxed Punch Badge
Medium pts
Wake Up the Box 4 » Deny the box of any sleep and wake him up in every level


Wake Up The Box 4 - Walkthrough07:53

Wake Up The Box 4 - Walkthrough

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