Wake Up the Box is a physics puzzle game in which the goal is to wake up Mr. Box, a creature with a face made from a wooden block. Mr. Box has gotten himself in a bit of a conundrum falling asleep wherever you find him, and it's your job to wake him up! Push him, pull him, tip him over. Whatever gets the job done. An iOS version of the game has been released and is available for free.


The game has 20 levels for the player to solve and it revolves around placing the correct object in the correct spot. You attach a set of non-rotatable wooden objects to other wooden objects and let physics work to knock or jostle Mr. Box. The available pieces are pre-determined on each level and must be used in order. Your goal is to wake him up by pushing him, pulling him or tipping him over. Unlike most games, you can't simply increase the momentum in the system by dropping blocks from a higher height, so you'll need to find creative ways to get things moving by utilizing leverage and upsetting the balance of objects in the level. In the early levels, there are seesaws and often you just need to let gravity do the job for you. Later in the game, some of the contraptions become more elaborate and the solution might not be that obvious until you've played around with the level a bit.


You Snooze, You Lose!
  You Snooze, You Lose! Badge
Easy pts
Wake Up the Box » Score 2,500 points across all levels
Party Time
  Party Time Badge
Medium pts
Wake Up the Box » Complete all 20 levels


Wake Up the Box (All Levels) Walkthrough04:17

Wake Up the Box (All Levels) Walkthrough

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