Vorp! is a team based multiplayer arena combat game where you control spaceships. You join a team of players to fight against other teams. The game is developed in the Unity game engine, which allows for 3D graphics in browser games.


You are a Commander defending capital ships in a deep space armada, fighting alongside a team of other players. Choose a pilot and fighter ship to direct in combat with your teammates, providing Operations (Ops) and Technology (Tech) advantages based on your Experience (XP) level. As you increase in rank, earn Bang (B!) every battle to unlock deadly new Pilots and refined new Tech for future battles. Everyone starts at level 1, and as you make kills and collect ATOMs that drop when killing enemies, you'll level up and be afforded better guns and general upgrades. However, the higher your level, the longer you'll have to wait between respawns if you die.

You start each match with only a basic weapon. Collect Asymptotic Transitional Omni-Molecules (ATOMs) by blasting enemies to upgrade your ship capabilities and power. Spaceships are powered by Volatile Output Radiation Particles (VORP), which powers ship capabilities but has a nasty problem of exploding when it is exhausted. You have a single energy bar that acts as your health, your weapon energy, and your boost energy, meaning that you have to watch out that you don't use up too much energy before you get into battle, otherwise you'll most likely die instantly.

Defeat the enemy's capital ship by destroying their core generator. Unfortunately it is protected by shields and towers, so you'll need to battle your way through those first. The enemy team is trying to do the same thing to your capital ship, so don't forget to defend! Matches can vary greatly in length, some of which can last over 30 minutes. Vorp is a team based multiplayer game inspired by classic DotA game styles, in a top down space combat setting. Compete with your Kongregate friends to be the top Vorp! ace with the most ATOMs and kills!


Drone Hunter
  Drone Hunter Badge
Easy pts
Vorp! » Destroy 10 enemy minions
Master Blaster
  Master Blaster Badge
Medium pts
Vorp! » Score 5 kills and 10 assists against human opponents


Learn more about the Vorp universe on the official Vorp site.

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