Vector Stunt is a racing game. It is the sequel to Vector Runner, but the gameplay is quite different. Instead of avoiding obstacles and surviving, in this game you perform tricks and collect points.


The game has you piloting your vehicle down an old school 3D vector graphics highway. You load up a song and the track is generated from the song you chose. You can play with the thumping electronic soundtrack by indie band Aerodrone, or you can load an MP3 from your own computer to personalize your game. The goal of the game is to gain as many points as you can before the song ends. The track consist of ramps for jumping and squares of different colors which represent notes. Picking up notes awards you points depending on the color of the note and you can chain together combos extra points.

You use the arrow keys to control the ship. As you steer down the track, you can jump off of ramps to perform tricks by using different combinations of the arrow keys. Chain jumps by hitting ramps continuously or by jumping on the rail once in between ramps to get multipliers, up to 10x. If you come across a red note worth ten thousand points, the ramp you'd need to jump to reach it will be marked with red. The ramps in the middle of the track marked with white allow you to go into first person "pilot mode", which can be a lot more difficult but grants you double points while in this mode. There is no way to die or get a game over in the game. The only way to get damaged in the game is to fall off the side, and even that will only deduct ten thousand points and won't end your run.


Rock the Stanza
  Rock the Stanza Badge
Easy pts
Vector Stunt » Earn the in-game 'Spectrum-Runner' achievement
Ruby Tuesday
  Ruby Tuesday Badge
Medium pts
Vector Stunt » Earn the in-game 'Ruby' achievement
We Are the Music Makers
  We Are the Music Makers Badge
Hard pts
Vector Stunt » Score 400,000 points on the Aerodrone track

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