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Vector Runner is a racing game where you dodge objects at increasing speeds. In this game, you must pilot your racer at break-neck speeds down an old school 3D vector graphics highway.


You control a blue cube racing down a highway created from vector graphics. Your vehicle is controlled with the arrow keys and the game consist of dodging red and orange pyramids of various sizes. The obstacles are generated randomly and increase in number as you progress. The speed accelerates as you drive and all you can do is continue dodging as the race becomes super-fast. Dodging and surviving awards you with points the longer you can stay alive, but there are also colored cubes which give you extra points if you collect them. There are also extra lives lying around and a shield power-up for temporary invincibility.


Blue Runner
  Blue Runner Badge
Easy pts
Vector Runner » Earn 5,000 points
Ultra Violet
  Ultra Violet Badge
Medium pts
Vector Runner » Collect 10 purple orbs during a single game
Tunnel Vision
  Tunnel Vision Badge
Impossible pts
Vector Runner » Score 30,000 points without being hit

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