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Valthirian Arc is a mouse-controlled RPG .

Gameplay & MoreEdit

Valthirian ArcGunslinger

Students in party to do hunts, errands, and tourneys.

Valthirian Arc is a simple game. The mouse is used for 85% of the game. There are two game modes that can be chosen from, Sandbox mode and Official Arc mode. It is reccomended to begin with Sandbox mode, to get used to the game. Official Arc mode is harder. There is a tutorial in the beginning. It is short, and involves explaining the page the player is currently on. The first page that is accessed contains all of your students. There can be more then eight at one time, and no more then four in the party. Simply clicking on them allows the player to see their information, change their name, upgrade their weapon or level them up.

The other important page is the Quests page. There are two types of quests: Hunts and Errands. Hunts are controlled by the player, and involve moving the students in the active party around as they attack foes. They are longer and more tiring than errand quests, and award more LP, which allows students to level up. Errands are done automatically and take a short amount of time, less then ten seconds. Each mission has a rank from one to five stars. While one star missions are simple, five star missions are difficult.

On the second week of every second month, there is a tourney. Participation in it is optional. It is not reccomended unless the player has students of a high level, preferrably 25 or greater. Because girls are generally more powerful than boys, it is recommend to have either one or no boys. If you do have one, it is reccomended to make him a Gunslinger. To avoid being ganged up on, it is reccomended to have a party of either all students with long range attacks, or all students with close range attacks.


No Student Left Behind
  No Student Left Behind Badge
Easy pts
Valthirian Arc » Accept 10 total students
Fame Makes a Man
  Fame Makes a Man Badge
Medium pts
Valthirian Arc » Earn 3,000 fame in a single game
Top Honors
  Top Honors Badge
Hard pts
Valthirian Arc » Complete the first year without any penalties
Valthirian Arc

Starting female student. They look like this until given a class at level 10 or above.

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