User's Guide to Becoming a Regular Edit


Better than noob coffee.

When you join Kongregate, you likely have one of two aspirations: becoming a moderator or trolling until you are banned. Now, over time, people lose hope in becoming a mod. To be that 1% is to be God, and that is out of our hands. Instead, those hopes are replaced with a desire to be recognized by our favorite chat room as a regular. The title bears absolutely no weight, yet comes with a lot of respect. What's not to like? Well, the steps are easier than you might think. There is no official system, and every chat room might have its own prerequisites, but this page is designed to be the most universally helpful on getting you at the regular's table. Eventually, even a cat sleeping on a keyboard could become a reg. Why shouldn't you?

What Characterizes a Regular Edit

  • Being on nearly every day.
  • Being active in chat.
  • Establishing a banter or rapport with the current regs.
  • Not trolling.
  • Knowing your way around Kongregate. In other words, not being a noob.
  • Genuinely enjoying or at least becoming attached to the room and the company it keeps.

Real Wisdom from Real Regulars Edit

"Regs make the room"


"Trolls don't get to be regs; regs get to be trolls."


"im not even a reg tho"


"being a reg is like being a blue ribbon pig. you might be the best out of the bunch, but you're still rolling around in shit all day."


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