A Kongpanion was introduced named Félicette. It shows an orange cat in a space suit, with a description that 

says: Even falling 5 miles towards earth at thousands of miles an hour, a cat can land on her feet.

It's actually the story of a true cat, the first and only cat to have been sent into space and survive.

Around the sixties and seventies, many countries started space missions using animals, like dogs, cats and chimpanzees. France was one, sending a black and white female cat that was found on the streets of Paris. That cat was named Félicette. 

She was selected from 14 cats undergoing intensive training. Some say she was chosen because she hadn't put on too much weight. 

On 18th of October, 1963, she was blasted in a special capsule. She didn't go into the orbit, but in a flight
lasting less than 15 minutes and about 100 miles. 

So, next time you see the week's Kongpanion, go ahead and check for it, there might be a great story behind. 

One thing left, why was the cat drawn orange in the Kongpanion? 

That's up to you to know. 

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