So, after being accused of vandalising, I tried working from a distance, like leaving a talk. 

One of those talks was because a Mod was recently added, but the editor didn't add him. I will not mention his name nor the room *coughs: it's all here!*

We are working out of public right and duty here, if you want your wiki outdated, go ahead! 

A room wiki should tell its idea and reflect its image, but since the wikis are barely being updated, it'll be quite a shock.

The easiest and most ridiculous information to give is the Moderators, yet you even failed in that. 

Don't hate me for telling the truth, we are on the same side, I just want the best. 

So, let me get all things straight. You will keep your wiki abandoned with no new edits, but you will fight when someone updates its information in a harmless manner? 

Good for you! Ahaha.

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