As soon as you enter its page, the quotation owns you, capturing. But was it enough to describe the room? Clearly, no. The description in Room's info and help was pretty good, I wonder why it wasn't used.

I appreciate the snowflakes added with each segment's title. Only through mobile did I see them blue, colorless on laptop's screen. 

I appreciate that the image is well related to room's name idea, too.

The room seems to follow the format at first, but when you scroll down, it's ruined...

Why was (Where did Winterfell originate?) section made at the end? It belongs to room description, and frankly, it doesn't need a paragraph of its own.

Room laws should have been mentioned before room's owner and moderators, but this one is harmless. The laws are written in a unique style, but using Heading 4 made each one of them an editable paragraph, pointless and sight ruining.

The page is owned by a vibe of incompleteness. Description of the owner, Moderators and regulars looks so simple and quickly made with no effort.

Not to mention that a regular was left with no description, how did he/she became a reg if you haven't known things about him/her to be mentioned?

What about having two locations on the map with no description as well. Either write it all or never at all.

The number of regulars is doubtable comparing it to former regulars, there should have been more. 

As you come across the (Former Regulars and Notable Non-Regulars), you notice that they have been granted a thumbnail of their avatars. Adding that to the regulars would have been more reasonable. Adding it to both sides would raise no questions. 

A serious gap is made by adding this (Memorable quotes from Winterfell) with no content. Is no one chatting there? Whether yes or no, this section shouldn't be made empty, remove it for good or complete it.

The page is well categorized, but you missed a category, stubs. Yes, the page has a great potential, so smooth and easy to read, yet naive for now. Waiting in excitement to witness its full completed version. 

1. Image: 3/3

2. Format: 4/5

3. Text value: 12

Essential segments:
  • Room description: 1/3
  • Room Owner: 1/3
  • Room Moderators: 1/3
  • Laws of Winterfell: 3/3
  • Winterfell Regulars: 2/3
  • Former Regulars and Notable Non-Regulars: 1/3
  • Memorable quotes from Winterfell: 0/3

Extra segments:
  • Map of Winterfell: 2/2
  • Where did Winterfell originate: 1/2

4. Spelling and grammar: 22/25

Total points: 41

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