We open the page and what do we have here? A high-quality slider! That must get a bonus. 

Liked how the description is written in a story-telling manner.  

Read "You skirt the lake of fire and ice">>> "Your skirt". First idea was, what a naughty boy...

Who made WillTroll4Food's description, lel? 2 regs and 3 ex-regs are descriptionless.

Room History is quite amazing, well done. Others make you yawn, but this one is interesting.

Feature Score
Image  3/3 + 2 bonus
Format 5/5

Text value


  • Room description 3/3
  • Rules 3/3
  • Moderators 3/3
  • Regulars 3/3
  • Previous Regulars 3/3


  • Previous Moderators 2/2
  • Room history 2/2
Spelling and grammar


Total 54

Review basis

The board

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