Entroic Delirium, nice format, but missing some content. 

Where are users' comments? This page has been here for a long time by now. Makes you wonder. Where are the previous regulars? Or do your regulars stay there forever? 

Room's history is elaborative and interesting to read, thought it might bring great boredom. 

I don't know if mentioning Mod's status from active to inactive is a good idea or not, but since the page is rarely updated these days, it would be mostly inaccurate and outdated. Moderators' description wasn't provided, as well. 

The editor introduces us to two new terms, semi-regs and suspended from being regs. The last is quite noteworthy for its purpose. It says those who are mentioned will not be added as regs for their childish behavior, yet you add them with description and hyperlink their usernames? If you are true to such action and they are this bad, they should not be mentioned. You just made them a spot in the wiki like the regs...

Overall, a very ordinary wiki.

  • Image: 0/3

  • Format: 5/5

  • Text value: 12
Essential segments:
  • Room description: 3/3
  • Moderators: 2/3
  • Regulars: 3/3
Extra segments
  • Room history: 2/2
  • Semi-regs: 1/2
  • Suspended From Being Regs: 2/2

  • Spelling and grammar: 20/25

Total points: 37

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