Chill Lounge, the page that tl;dr was made for. I doubt that anyone has ever completed reading it, but I will do it for the sake of the review. Hope I will finish alive, wish me luck.

We start with a lovely related image of the room, and a description, short (both really for itself and relatively comparing it to other segments) but smart and well made. 

Page's length is a negative by-product of good documentation. 

As you come across the regulars, you notice two things. One of them is that they are too many, but your wonder ends when you start reading some of their descriptions. "he rarely talks" and "known to be quiet", these two sentences were mentioned more than once. Let's review regulars' selection basis, shall we? 

A regular is a member of a certain chat room who proved dedication by logging in and hanging around in that room for more than a definite period of time (usually a month) and is known to be a... wait for it... a CHATTER.

No surprise that there will be such a big number of regulars, how did you even notice who were there and not chatting, by the way? Some rooms even mention it as a rule: We won't add you if you are there but just playing a game.

I ask you to re-evaluate your standards, delete those who aren't real regulars. Your call, after all. As well as cleaning up some of the Previous Regs. If not, at least mention Moderators before regs and ex-regs, since that is a much more important information a room wiki gives.

You also notice that some descriptions are suitable in length, some are too much and others are completely absent. 

Funny User Quotes are so enjoyable, reflect this warm-cool vibe of the room. Like everything else in the wiki, it's magnified, but in a good way this time.

The review

Image                                                                                3/3
Format                                                                               4/5
Text value                                                                           17

Essential segments:

  • Room description: 3/3
  • Current Regs: 3/3
  • Previous Regs: 3/3
  • Current Mods: 3/3
  • Funny User Comments: 3/3

Extra segments:

  • Previous Mods: 2/2

Spelling and grammar                                                               23

Total points                                                                                47

Review basis

The board

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