I remember the first day I got here clearly. I felt the burden of creating a page no one asked me to create. 

I had no idea what I was doing. Some pages were there to look up to, Atlas Park was one.

Happy to say that Bowser's castle is one of them, too. 

The images and thumbnails of users are appreciated. One member was left with no thumbnail, though.

That verse in the description was cool.

It will be nice if you completed the description of rest members.

Defining a regular was important, but it takes place in page's talk usually.

It was smart to have an archive for comments, instead of filling the page. Enjoyed reading it.

Image 3/3
Format 5/5

Text value

Essential content:

  • Room description: 3/3
  • Room Owners and Moderators: 3/3
  • The Fine Print: 3/3
  • List of Regulars: 2/3
  • Room Quotes: 3/3

Extra content:

  • The important stuff: 2/2
  • List of Visting and Well Known Moderators: 0/2
  • The Definition of a Regular: 2/2
Spelling and grammar 24/25
Total 50

Review Basis

The board

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