I will be making a series reviewing chat rooms' wikis. At the end of the review, each wiki will have a number of points. A post will be made recording the scores and wikis' order.

The method of reviewing and points scoring will be according to;

  • Image: Every wiki must have an image, usually it's related to room's name. 3 points are given for the image, 2 for its existence and 1 if it was related. 
  • Format: The common order of contents is: Room's description>> Rules>> Room's owner and Moderators>> Regulars>> Ex regulars>> Comments. Extra contents might be made, such as room's history, notable non-regulars, etc. But those mentioned above are essential. Their order is logical and brings an ease in information presentation. Any disturbance in that order will remove points from the 5 already given. 
  • Spelling and grammar: 25 points are given (the maximum number of mistakes tolerated in a wiki), a point will be removed for each mistake. 
  • Text value: Each of the essential contents will be reviewed, a maximum number of 3 points will be given for each, depending on their information value, ease and smoothness in presentation. As for the extra contents, 2 points will be given for each if they were worthy. 

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