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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    I'm quite bored of this background. 

    There was a wall paper of kongpanions, I think it was a K+ profile skin or whatever, I think it'll be perfect for this. 

    Any admin here, please change it. 

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Oh... What do we have here? One of the most outdated pages in this Wikia! (According to the date this review was made).

    Let's finish this quickly. *Puts on his anti-cringe and anti-boredom armor*

    • A gif hits your face with a caption "Shown: Actual picture of Epeen the Great" Kinda cringy, to be honest. 

    • Then we have an enourmous table of contents. Writing in Heading 3 was not a great idea, was it?

    • You notice that Epeen's description was too much, tl;dr. 

    • You also notice that there's nothing else in the whole page... No History, Quotes, Previous regulars, etc.

    Phew, let's add the review and get the hell out of here!

    Feature Score
    Image  0/3
    Format 3/5

    Text value


    • Room description 0/3
    • Rules 0/3
    • Moderators 3/3
    • Regulars 3/3
    • Previous Regulars 0/3


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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    Hey there. 

    The list of Kongpanions was extrememly outdated, but now, we're on track. FINALLY.

    I'm on a trip outside the country, won't have that much time. 

    It'll be appreciated if you updated the main page with the latest Kongpanion if I haven't already, since I might be busy.

    I will do it eventually, but it's way better for the page to be updated immediately after the Kongpanion's release.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.

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  • WilliamTheUnknown


    June 29, 2016 by WilliamTheUnknown

    We reached a unique number today, 666 pages on the Kongregate Wiki!

    May we never stop.

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  • WilliamTheUnknown

    As a part of letting people to get to know what's going on in the room, SSL2 chat room presents weekly entertainment.

    Every week, a number of links will be selected from those being posted in the room and published in the wiki.

    Make sure to step by room and its wiki every now and then!

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