House Keeping

Lots of Kongai pages have been deleted (like 250 of them). They are safe and sound at their new home at the Kongai wiki.

More non kong related images have been deleted (please note, pages and pictures about users are NOT allowed)


Pictures of Music Catch 2, Effing Meteors, Achievement Unlocked 2, and Arkandian Crusade have been uploaded, as well as pics for their badges, these pages need to be created and filled up with content, pics of the 6 Quests have also been created

Categories for Medals, Quests have been created, as well as a template for Medals

A template for medals has been created as well

News and Advice

With the lost of Kongai material the wiki has dropped below 500 pages, this is rather sad and needs to be fixed, so start creating those game pages! Pages that are exceptionally good will be displayed as the featured article, and the users that contributed to that article will get their names in the community corner.

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