This is the first admin blog post with actual content about what went on this week, it is also the first blog post of 2011 and the first blog post, well ever.


135 images were deleted this week (on top of 86 that were deleted on the first) nearly 80 of these were all dreamworld content. In an effort to keep the sheer number of images down, please keep non kong images to a minimum and keep kong images about a single games in the single digits.


  • The navigation bar at the top has been modified completely, Kongai was removed, the noticeboards and formatting guidelines are now under Policy, Kongai's wiki was added under community, the link to the games category as well as badges were added as well as links to Kong, the forums on kong and both collabs were added.
  • Formatting guidelines for rooms were added
  • New wordmark and background added.

News and Advice

As of the end of this week nearly all kongai pages will be deleted from the wiki, they have nearly all been exported to their new home over on the Kongai Wiki
As I lurk around the forums of kong I have read several things that the new background is a bit to busy for peoples liking, a new poll will be going up if you think so, if more people think so a contest will be going up to see who can design the best background (details on that later, if it happens)

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