Assuming there are people among us that are retarded enough to care about what happens to my fat ass, I'm going to spend the next few minutes mocking memes and calling anyone who uses social networking and likes any kind of music a fag. Nah, not really, I'm not Encyclopedia Dramatica editor material like that.

I'm currently doing what I do around this time each year- knitting for charity. I started another scarf last night and it'll probably be finished by this time next week. Me and mum are knitting furiously, hoiping to donate at least 3 or 4 scarves to the Guardian Angel program this year. It's a lovely charity run by Guardian pharmacies where you knit stuff, take it in and it gets donated to a poor person. The RSI gained from knitting is well worth all the pain it causes, because I know I'll be helping someone less fortunate keep warm. For all I have been through with illness and pain, I know it's insignificant compared to people who can't even afford to see a doctor for a check up when they get hurt or sick. I would love to see people work together to help their fellow humans who don't have good fortune whether they be sick or have lost their job or can't get one to lose. If you think "this does not affect me" you're wrong. The homeless guy asleep on the bench could be you one day, so help him because one day he might be the one to help you. If there's a community project going on where you are, help in any way you can whether it's donating $1 or participating in a marathon.

I need to buy some small mannequins as soon as I get money because I want to start making doll's dresses. I also need to replace everything in my sewing kit and get some dolls and scrap material and fake flowers. I miss sewing and making Barbie outfits and now that I have the time to make them, why shouldn't I?

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