• MakePastaNotWar

    Assuming there are people among us that are retarded enough to care about what happens to my fat ass, I'm going to spend the next few minutes mocking memes and calling anyone who uses social networking and likes any kind of music a fag. Nah, not really, I'm not Encyclopedia Dramatica editor material like that.

    I'm currently doing what I do around this time each year- knitting for charity. I started another scarf last night and it'll probably be finished by this time next week. Me and mum are knitting furiously, hoiping to donate at least 3 or 4 scarves to the Guardian Angel program this year. It's a lovely charity run by Guardian pharmacies where you knit stuff, take it in and it gets donated to a poor person. The RSI gained from knitting i…

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  • MakePastaNotWar

    Second post

    October 22, 2011 by MakePastaNotWar

    Eggy has a big problem- an influx of trolls who were chased from the room. All the idiots the Horsemen got rid of keep coming back to bitch about how the rom has changed. If you don't like it, then don't come to Eggy, simple as that. All their hard work was for nothing because these idiots feel like they are entitled to derail an entire chat with spam, emoticons. badly-spelled insults and retarded comments. If there's any suggestions about how to rid the room of these dipshits, me and the other regs are more than happy to see your suggestions.

    Anyway, what do we think of kong going back its old layout? Seemed a bit dumb to suddenly change the layout then revert back. I miss being able to see what the badge of the day is without having to op…

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  • MakePastaNotWar

    First post

    October 19, 2011 by MakePastaNotWar

    Not really sure what to say, not much has happened that should count as news. I guess I could start by saying thank God we finally have a mod coming in!

    RevWhatever joined us a few days ago on recommendation from another mod. He's also a mod in Prinny Land, but hey, we're happy to share because Prinny Land is a nice room! Rev's a great mod, he is very friendly and lets us get away with dropping the f-bomb.

    Ummm..... I don't think there is much else to say, so arrividerci for now!

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