The Way

It is when you are alone, enveloped by darkness, that the truth is clear as day. All of your worst fears and thoughts come dancing out before your cold, dead eyes and strip you of your sanity. Piece by piece.

Dae was born with cold, dead eyes and horrifying thoughts. So, his darkness was one of the darkest.

He is half asleep on the cracked cement floor of his cell when the voice comes back. The old man who saved his life in holding just to melt it away like a lit candle in here.

"It won't be long now."

Dae jumps onto his feet and puts his hand to the holster he doesn't have. "Until what?"

"Until this city falls to its knees and reaps what its sown."

"What have you done?"

"I haven't done anything. I am on your side. One of the good guys... one of the few."

"Tell me what is going to happen."

"I just did. It may be dark, but you'll see soon enough. The trolls. You couldn't stop them. That bomb couldn't stop them. Not a force in the world, nor in the heavens above could've done so."

"What makes you so sure?"

"I have seen this all before."

"When? Where?!"

The silence has come back, and fills the room like a bad stench.

Three weeks earlier...

Blebbeh had explained to Wrait and Proc what needed to be done. It was the most confusing and unreasonable conversation any of them had ever had.

Dae had to be locked away. For the good of everybody.

Wrait agreed because he had a respect for Blebbeh. Proc did because he didn't care for Dae. Wrait called up the fifteen-year-old girl who offered her number. Blebbeh convinced her injured brother.

When they went to trial, it came easily. As sad as it was, the words rolled off their tongues as fluid as water.

And Dae was sentenced to life.


The official series of Atlas Park, Atlas Park: The War, will be suspended indefinitely. Thank you for caring in the first place.

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