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    It is when you are alone, enveloped by darkness, that the truth is clear as day. All of your worst fears and thoughts come dancing out before your cold, dead eyes and strip you of your sanity. Piece by piece.

    Dae was born with cold, dead eyes and horrifying thoughts. So, his darkness was one of the darkest.

    He is half asleep on the cracked cement floor of his cell when the voice comes back. The old man who saved his life in holding just to melt it away like a lit candle in here.

    "It won't be long now."

    Dae jumps onto his feet and puts his hand to the holster he doesn't have. "Until what?"

    "Until this city falls to its knees and reaps what its sown."

    "What have you done?"

    "I haven't done anything. I am on your side. One of the good guys... one of …

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  • KingDaedalus

    Dae is not granted the right of a lawyer. It is a right limited to the rich and the powerful. His fate is decided from the moment he walks through the courtroom doors. Had he looked to the floor rather than the judge's eyes, there would likely not have been a trial at all. That is how things go in Atlas Park.

    "My name is Allen, I will be your judge. You, Dae, of no last name stand accused of countless acts of murder in the first degree, of the destruction of public property with the intent to kill, of vandalism of private property, of carrying a concealed weapon, of evading the law, of- I could go on. I won't." The judge sets down his stack of papers and devotes his gaze to Dae. "How do you plead?"

    Dae looks around. The room is filled with p…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Wrait walks through the wide hospital door to Dae's room as soon as he sees the guard leave for a cup of coffee. Blebbeh is already perched on the windowsill in the form of a raven. Dae looks rather pitiful, handcuffed to a bed with a hospital gown on. Without his trenchcoat on and his .44 on his side, he is like anyone else. Still, he doesn't need a gun to be dangerous.

    Wrait keeps his distance when he starts talking. "I expected this moment to be more rewarding that this."

    "I know you did, Wrait." Dae turns to the bird. "Blebbeh, do you mind if we have the room?"

    A cloud of illusory smoke masks a quick tranformation as Blebbeh turns into her regular self. Wrait jumps and barely stops himself from brandishing his pistols.

    "Absolutely." Blebbe…

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  • KingDaedalus

    My name is Proc. I work for no one but myself, meaning I have no one to blame for the horrible shit that I've done... and will do.


    You think I plan to stop any time soon?


    I did work for people before. I wasn't always running solo. Those people were a lot worse than me to say the least. A special kind of crazy. I built bombs. They schemed.

    You might think that I am the villian here, blowing things-people-up for money. You had to have met them though. I watched my boss laugh at the news when a troll got lose in a park and killed thirteen people. I watched my boss shove a reporter off of a balcony when he started asking too many questions. Hell, I watched my boss gouge a man's eyes out and force-feed them to him when he looked at him fun…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Dae stayed awake after his heart was restarted by Ayrus, all the way until he went into surgery at Barrens Chat Memorial Hospital, which had been opened when the city of Barrens Chat was ravaged by a massive troll infestation and its surviving inhabitants were forced to immigrate to Atlas Park. Even though he was exhausted, concussed, injured, and dead for three minutes, he kept his eyes open.

    When the surgery was through and he was saved, Dae was handcuffed to a bed as he recovered, under the guard of an elderly female officer who waits patiently outside the door. The sun beams, as lively as ever, through the window, and Blebbeh is sleeping in the bedside chair.

    Dae awakes with a groan, loud enough to wake up Blebbeh, and feels the outline …

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