aka Joseph Ghostfeld

  • I live in Sacramento, California
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Yes
  • KakkoiiBishounen

    Kongregate is the kind of website where a person can take on a persona, by means of creating one or more screen names, and partake in various acts that may not be acceptable for that person when they go offline. These behaviors include harassment, stalking, promoting hate speech for various groupings and populations of people and indulging in illicit acts in full detail, some of which are otherwise known as flaming, trolling and cybering among the chat rooms. Albert Bandura is a prominent figure in social psychology and his works have been used and referenced in the field of public health.He has done work on the concepts related to moral disengagement, and these concepts seem to hold significant relevance to the behaviors exhibited in many…

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  • KakkoiiBishounen

    When I became a member of Kongregate, the first chat room that I became a regular in was Barrens Chat. It was more chaotic then, and more prone to hostile behavior and trolling attempts by the regulars of the chat. These days, Barrens Chat seems to be more watered down and docile compared to what it used to be, but back when it was still chaotic, amidst the chaos, I got myself involved with a role playing group. Barrens RP consisted of a few of us at first, probably four or five of us, some of which still come on to Kongregate from time to time. We were just a bunch of guys playing the role of warriors in training or something to that extent. It was a little bit like playing Dungeons and Dragons, except that we didn't really follow all of …

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