• Chendler

    1 day 1 room

    October 18, 2010 by Chendler

    Ohai, i am Chendler, level 65 guy with almost all badges. (i stopped collecting them as i see no point anymore)

    My boredom resulted with "Trip around English Kong rooms"

    Basic idea is to remain 1 day in 1 room. This is my third trip, starting in AAA and ending in Zero Axis

    Also, it is only my opinon based on my point of view and one day of being in room. Talking to me how much am i wrong doesnt change my mind in any way. I never return back.

    Last time there werent some rooms, so i will update this thing as i hit new rooms. Same with Room Owners, they will be updated on the go


    1. Listener of people: I must not mute anybody, whoever it is or how much is annoying, i must endure it

    2. Neverender: I must visit new room every day (excluding famiā€¦

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