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Comprehensive articles for ALL badged games!

Boligao April 30, 2012 User blog:Boligao

This is my project right now. I started with The Last Stand, went to Particles, and then to B29 Assault. Right now I'll start a Four Second Frenzy article, can you see where I'm going? So yes, I'll start with the oldest game and progress toward newer games in order. I do not aim to give strategy guides, but merely presentable/comprehensive articles about each and every BADGED game.

Only later will I create guides for badges, if that ever happens. If anyone wants to help, feel free to! I need it!! I'm adding audio files for the simpler games with soundtracks that come from NewGrounds, adding Trivia using my extensive knowledge about Kongregate, so on and so forth.

Thanks for your time!

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