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July 2, 2009

JetLag. Edit

JetLag Is a very happy member of kong..

He is the room owner of The Nanaverse which is a pretty cool room, eh chats, has livecasts and LP'ers and doesn't afraid of anything(except shocklinks)

He was modded 22nd of August 2009, and is always open to whispas, he also highly recommends mute. :)

It seems to many that his most commonly used phrase is "Be nice" It most likely is. :P

He joined on the 17th of April, 2009, Although he cannot now Imagine a life without teh awesomness of Kongregate.

He tends to respond to insults with the highly original "nou" "nourface" and *throws flamberge*

Chill Lounge

He also lieks narwhals.

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