UPGRADE COMPLETE! is a side-scroller shooter game. It is from Armor Games and is about upgrading everything. From the menu, to the graphics, and even the title logo, pretty much everything has to be bought.


The game is a side-scroll shooter where you have to upgrade everything, including the menus. You control a spaceship and you fight off waves of other spaceships. There are 20 waves to fend off.


The goal of the game is to upgrade everything. you have $600 to start with

Ship UpgradesEdit

You can put up to 12 parts on our ship, each of which can be upgraded to level 5. Choose between Gun, Lightning, Missiles, Magnets and Speed Panel.

Game UpgradesEdit

  • Preloader - You need this to start playing - $200
  • Menu buttons - Navigate into other screens - $100
  • Save system - Saves the game progress - $300
  • Title Logo - Add a logo to the menu - $900
  • Menu BG image - Change the background - $1000
  • Progress Bar - Add a progress bar - $1100
  • Achievements - Add achievements and it's screen - $900
  • Mute button - Add a mute button to put off sounds - $900
  • Armor intro - An intro for starting the game - $1300
  • Copyright text - A copyright text on the menu - $900
  • Game Timer - A counter for how long you played - $2000
  • Music - A background music - $1300
  • Mystery upgrade - this can only be bought after you've upgraded everything else.


  • Achievements Unlocked
  • Wave 1 completed
  • Wave 5 completed
  • Wave 14 completed
  • Wave 20 completed
  • Super ship!
  • Spangly!
  • Upgrade Complete


05needsbadges badge
  "0/5 needs badges" Badge
Easy pts
UPGRADE COMPLETE! » Unlock the achievement system
  Ride the Lightning Badge
Medium pts
UPGRADE COMPLETE! » Fully upgrade all 12 components of your ship
  "Now What?" Badge
Medium pts
UPGRADE COMPLETE! » Upgrade everything you can, including the final mystery upgrade
  "Oh, Right, the Game" Badge
Medium pts
UPGRADE COMPLETE! » Complete Level 20


Upgrade Complete Walkthrough - 110% Progress & Last 3 Awards01:56

Upgrade Complete Walkthrough - 110% Progress & Last 3 Awards

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