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There is wiki that was created for content related to this game. A basic overview of the game is given on this page, however, if you are looking for walkthroughs or other more in-depth information, you can visit the associated wiki at Transformice Wiki.

A game where you collect cheese as mouse. There are also downloadable versions of the game for Windows and MacOS.

Rules Edit

Mice Edit

Just collect cheese. Mostly you will need help of shaman, but sometimes you can do it without shaman help. You can also walljump.

Shaman Edit

Use your shaman powers to create stuff which help mices reach cheese. Some stuff aren't avaible on certain maps. With Space you can make "ghost" object which interacts only objects. You can also use anchors to connect objects. Troll-shamans will massacre mices with their power. Shaman also have to collect cheese. There can be 1 or 2 shamans. Sometimes there are 2 holes - blue and pink. Saved mices counts only for "owner" of hole. Eg. - mices enter only blue hole - only blue shaman gets saved mices into account. Shaman can't enter hole until all mices entered hole or are dead.

Extra Info Edit

  • Night Mode - on some maps there will be Night Mode. On this mode, you will see only small area around your mouse. Only few maps are Night Mode, 2 of them are always in Night Mode. On some maps Shaman appears without tools in Night Mode, but normally he doesn't appear.
  • Wall-jumping - It's a hard thing, but if you learn it, you will reach cheese faster, sometimes even without shaman.
  • Anvil God - a bunch of anvils that are connected together with anchors and are rotating very fast. Because of anvils weight, mostly physical contact with Anvil God results in mouse death. There is Anvil God featured on one map, although it's possible to bug Anvil God to next map. There are also other Gods, like Ball God made from balls or Plank God which is create from, of course, planks. Other version of Anvil God is Anvil Snake, the only difference is that the Anvil Snake looks like snake. A Anvil God from Map62 can be killed if player uses a spirit with anchor on a fixed anvil.
  • Cheese - your main goal. Both mouse and shaman have to collect cheese. You can buy some stuff in shop with cheese, some items include a santa hat (500), a ninja headband (500), a pirate mask (200), the rose (300), wheat (25) or dead rose(800).
  • 5-second rule - It's a rule to prevent hackers got ludicrous times. It's simple - you can enter hole only after 5 seconds or you will die (although on game wiki, there are screenshot of players completing map in less than 5 seconds, as it was made before this rule)

Helpful LinksEdit

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