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The Visitor is a point-and-click horror adventure game. It was made by Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth in association with ClickShake Games and was first published by Newgrounds in 2007. This game is now available to download for the Blackberry Playbook for free. Two sequels to the game have been launched on Kongregate, The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy and The Visitor Returns.


You are a slug creature from another planet and have arrived at Earth on a meteorite. You must kill other species in order to grow bigger and evolve.


The game is a simple point and click adventure and the puzzles requires logic and common sense to beat. You guide an alien parasite who has arrived on earth through obstacles and towards bigger and bigger prey. It is an eat-and-grow based game where you must use your cunning to beat the levels, gaining the qualities and sizes from the animals you eat. Throughout the game, you will consume a frog, cat, fish, bird and several humans. As you eat a creature, you gain abilities based on that creature.


Super Happy Adventure Time
  Super Happy Adventure Time Badge
Medium pts
The Visitor » Guide your lovable visitor through his quest to destroy all in his path
Always One Survivor
  Always One Survivor Badge
Medium pts
The Visitor » In every classic horror story, there's always exactly one survivor. Make this story no different


Official walkthrough

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