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Welcome to The Room of Champions (TRoC), where we are all warm and welcoming people... sort of.


A list of all the Regs in TRoC. Yes this list is kind of short but that is okay. It is the most magnificent list you have ever seen. So beautiful it made me cry...and I never cry.

  • Room Owner: amberthejewl (Mod since 03/01/09 until 1/18/14)
  • pappaloo: Nothing special about this kid. Just that he's always there.
  • KeriRox07: Will always scare away the trolls. Just don't get on her bad side.
  • dayrider13: The most intelligent Smexican you have ever met.
  • BionicRose: Always playing Kongai.
  • boiledkitten: Nerd.
  • frankgirl: Kate is always watching.
  • alex_diabloman: Will always be the one to bring up innapropriate conversation.
  • Angel_Girly:
  • missiceprincess: Haven't seen her in a while. She's probably too busy making out with her Justin Bieber poster.
  • Flurry27: M.I.A.
  • XxkristaxX:
  • Turfy:
  • hinduman: Funny and smart.
  • blosom93: Really awesome. Thats all I need to say.
  • 0racle:
  • Bat_Girl:

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