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This pic just about sums up our Chat Room. Now move along, move along, there is nothing to see here......move along now.


We finally have a room owner... Everyone, meet stevenorr (his name is Steven Orr, not Steve Norr. Got it?) So make sure you behave, because if he doesn't get you, the regulars will. Steve comes over to the Lot from Ninja Chat. (This is where a few of the regulars from the Lot escaped to during that dark time. You know, the time they left the Lot.) He has taken over Room Ownership of the Lot, and the funny thing is, in a room that never had or wanted a Mod, we all like him.

Well, again doing something which brings no joy. We are back to being Modless. And hence, back to dealing with all the A-hole Trolls that come in The Parking Lot. Oh well, did it before, we'll be doing it again. This sucks. - Dread



Some moderators are indeed welcome however

(If you aren't on this list, and you are a moderator, then you figure it out)

  • Cartrodus - Swearing, shit flinging mod who likes to chat it up (he really isn't all that bad, just bad for a mod).
  • Cerberus_tm - is a cool guy, he makes jokes and isn't afraid of anything.
  • JetLag - A pretty cool guy all around. He's stopped by once or twice.
  • MrBoss - Old, well known. He can be a tight-ass, but him and the Lot go way back.
  • ringkichard - Lurks in the Lot occasionally, but we don't mind! An ex-troll who has cleaned up his act. Room Owner of Greed.
  • stevenorr - Not a mod.
  • the_squall - He goes almost as far back as MrBoss, he's welcome because he is in no way strict, and loves to chat it up.

Active RegularsEdit

(Active as defined by being in the room. Does not depend on how much they chat)

(If you are active and a regular, just copy-paste while preserving alphabetical order)

  • Angelee33 - I am back. Consequences will never be the same. Capitalization is important.
  • catdogfrostylily - I don't remember shit about her, but she was in the Lot before.
  • chocobacon - One of the more respectable and more accepting members of the Lot. Enjoys helping out noobs. Dislikes trolls. Has engaged in a gay RP with DanMan111. TPL asks him, "Why did you do it?" Which he then replies, "Why, the only reason anybody does anything...for teh lulz. My and Yelluh's Youtube channel is located here.
  • FireFop - Another oldbie who came back, who is usually AFK due to work.
  • geust666 - He is the parking lots most loyal member for over the past two years of his life. Update: Geust is back, but quieter than before.
  • JudasInc - Great game discussion, jokes, upkeep on life. An all around good guy who is great to chat with and keep the room alive.
  • KingFluffy - The Once and Future King of the Lot. Always in the Lot, always AFK. Also, worships the ground that Dread walks on. But then again, who doesn't? Alyssa doesn't.
  • koolfoo3 - A boy who swears to be a girl. When will he learn that showing pictures of himself does not help his case? Next thing you know, he'll be posting pics of his penis and still swearing he is a girl.
  • LesbianPedoFairy - Enjoys small children, scissoring, and flying around
  • Payneinsane - That one guy that is always there but nobody remembers. Ever.
  • TheDreadPirate - Epic stories, good sense of humor, about 45 years old, single, likes long walks on the beach & rape, chases off noobs, what's not to love?
  • Upaut - A real Grammar Nazi straight out of Ninja Chat. Seems to lack the skills needed to fix his broken Wii. Otherwise, Mostly Harmless.
  • WindPenguinKid - Though not always accepted now, at one point, he was generally accepted as one who frequented the room, though some opposition was open.

Inactive RegularsEdit

(Ones we haven’t seen in a while, but they are always welcome when they stop in.)

  • aisforaliceeee - The powerless mod who keeps the parking lot in order.
  • Adamalous - And the winner of playa-hater of the year is... Adam. Yes, Adam hates you. If you think he likes you, you're wrong. Adam has never said this, but he might as well have: "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I don't even know you, but I hate you. I hate your guts. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only to you." That line sums Adam pretty well. And then he got banned.
  • AliceMarie - When she left, the RP almost died, it has nearly been resurrected, but it has been a long and painful year of doing so.
    UPDATE: She's back as JuiceBoxx, and is frequenting the Lot more often. See her new name above.
  • Alyssa1992 - Mithos' sister and a valued member of chat. *Recently left Lot to escape noobs, May return someday* *UPDATE* Has returned. *UPDATE* Has left again.
  • Allysson08 - if she would talk more she would befriend the whole room again. "I talk plenty. And why am I inactive?"
  • armyjuggalo - Hops in between shipping out, a hardcore gamer for sure.
  • CuteBonez - Has power through Fluffums (in bed, literally). Knows some of the locals and has power over them with her DD cups!
  • DanMan111 - A person who likes to have fun also likes parties in the USA like that song suggests. He has engaged in gay RPs with his friend ChocoBacon.It's True. Also, he is Mexican. Don't believe me, just ask him. He will tell you. He will even tell you before you ask. It's almost like he's proud of it. (Lulz... at school right now)
  • DcLove2010 - Trolls the trolls, never seems to get upset. Questions peoples gender. Can get under everyones skin and still laugh. I think she's here to stay :)
  • Flame_Grenadier - Also know as Kelgore, aka Spazzy, That-son-of-a-bitch, The mastermind, Flame, StuddedKnuckles, or The Teller of Legends. He is the real Gordon Freeman. And yes, he is better than Chuck Norris. The tools of his trade: Sniper rifle, Shotgun, Flamethrower, an AXE, a crowbar, a pencil and paper, Molotov Cocktails, a POWER FIST, and…his insanity. ( has *cough cough* jollies for big umm booty bitches)
  • hyperactiveRUM - One of the few girls left to the P-Lot, her charm and RP expertise leaves those in her wake in total awe. Although absent for a while, she has returned to claim her rightful place as a dazzling goddess in the hearts of the men. She still finds a way to keep continual crushes like Mashiro. Her presence is a staple in the room.
  • JuiceBoxx - Formally AliceMarie, Juice is back. She currently splits her time between here and The Hall of Odin. But she knows where she belongs, and it's nice to see her back AND talking.
  • LostFable - This is DcLove's boyfriend. Likes to encourage her when she is troll-baiting. (I don't know this for a fact, but I can just see him sitting next to her (naked), egging her on)
  • Mashiro - A commonly AFK denizen of the P-Lot who likes to chat and spark up the dead chat with life anew. Falls for every girl who sets foot in the parking lot, and protects them with his icy coldness. Is an experienced ice ninja, and Ais' best friend. Flame can't touch this guy. Also he has a never-ending crush on RUM, and envies that bastard Zulu, even though he is friends with him.
  • Mithos92 - Mithos (also known as Andrew) is one of most favored and beloved oldbies and trolls that dwell within TPL. He has been around longer than a vast majority of us, and has amassed an amount of respect that is almost demanded from his presence. His pedophile beard and intellect hold strong in his conquest of nooblets and steady discussion now and forever. But what happened to this hero? For a long time, he was simply gone for no reason, and the denizens of the Lot cried for their master. Who would ever do something so horrible to his beloved subjects? We are glad he is back, and we are his eternal slaves for all of his womanizing and gaming needs--for no one has more girlfriends or pirated games than this Regular.
  • moonangel135 - The Big Breasted Goddess of The Parking Lot. Although, we are STILL waiting for pics to confirm the reports of her big breasts. Yes, we are still waiting. I don't foresee a time when we will stop waiting. Stillllll Waiting! UPDATE!: DREAD HAS PICS!!! He just won't share them except with Mithos. >:(
  • MrFluffums - The Alpha troll and Emperor of the Parking Lot. Has seniority over the majority of the members due to a lack of oldbies. *Recently left Lot to escape noobs, May return someday* Update: Has returned, but he too has been mostly quiet.
  • MrWaffles129 - Always great for chat and can chase the noobs off like the best of us.
  • NitrosRevenge - Dreads son. Tells mostly noob stories, no real sense of humor, about 15 years old, single, likes long walks on a short pier & being raped. What's not to love?
  • RisenChaos - An olbie that still stops in here and there. Likes chicken.
  • Shingamia - Someone say Gamer Girl?
  • Shrub - Not a bad troll, not a great one. Rarely stops by anymore, but his presence packs a punch.
  • Snice - the artist of the lot ()
  • stevenorr - I'm an ex-mod.
  • Superson45 -Loyal parking lotter since 08 december (Joined a day before ADAM) Large roleplayer who has hyper moments and tends to help get noob trolls the hell out of what was once a unsane chat (Lives in the secret mansion under Hyperactiverums Couch) Looks like a 15 year old tanned boy with a samurai hat and a katana (In rl own them lmao) with a gothlike sweatshirt jacket =D. Baggy pantz
  • TheKink1 - Former Boss of the parking lot. He may or may not be coming back into power but he will have to go through geust666 first.
    EDIT: Kink is back, but he only comes around once in awhile to say hello.
  • thelogictheorist - Pretty much like Judas, but incredibly logical. Even better with jokes.
  • Therapistol - Hangs around in the Lot. Usually stays quiet but likes to pop in a conversation sometimes. Good with general RP. Comes up with some crazy stuff.
  • XxMeTaLmAnIaCxX - Jumps in for a random discussion now and again, is working his way up the ranks.
  • Yelluhjelluh - Backwards tolling the trolls since 1991... It's not easy being... Yelluh? :)
  • zulufox1911 - An oldbie indeed! Used to have ties to RUM. They have since separated.


They are the scourge of the Lot. Not wanted, not needed, not smart enough to figure out the first two.

SeargentStupid - Roleplaying Retard

In MemoriamEdit

Gone but not forgotten.

PlagueJester - A few words need to be said about the member he was one of the great trolls of the parking lot but now he has been perma banned :(


MrFluffums - I still can't believe I'm putting your name here. Perma Banned by Ducklette. Longest active member of the Lot. Could be found on at all hours of the day. Fortunately, you are still here, but to never see this name again... sadness.

(Everyone feel free to post any final words here)

I miss you and your Fulffyness~DanMan111

Stay fluffy mister~geust666

I learned all that I know of life from Fluff. I look upon the name KingFluffy and don't feel the magic that this name brought to us. ~samispwnzer

I don't know how we'll survive without the big "MrFluffums" staring us in the face. Your name will always have a special place in my heart. ~chocobacon



The Parking Lot is like a troll breeding ground (insert incest joke between Mithos and Alyssa here). The two main trolls are (Geust666 is MIA, EDIT. IM BACK SO ADAM IS GOING BACK DOWN TO THE BOTTOM MIA AGAIN, NO LONGER UP TO PAR, so Adam has taken his place) Adamalous and MrFluffums. And for some reason, most n00b trolls come into The Parking Lot where they are usually silenced by the mods that are called.

Seriously though, who here isn't a troll?



Adamalous: That's what she said.

Adamalous: Your mother.

Adamalous: The game.

Adamalous: I think I just summed myself up in three posts...

Adamalous: Moon, THE VAGINA IS A LIE

Adamalous: You know what else I don’t get?
MrFluffums: Sex.
MrFluffums: You don’t get any sex.
Adamalous: …..

darkgamerEX: Bring me a drink and a troll to punch

geust666: I am better than 80% of kong because of the fact I have had one girlfriend.

kratos62457: i love manga but there isnt a good selection at walmart"

Mashiro: "I ♥ boobies."-also-"I ♥ (insert female's username here... or fluffy >.>)."-and-"It's a fetish in Japan"

Snice: zomg, zombies on my genitals!

Mithos92: You don't even know what PMS is.

koolfoo3: Something about mentraul thingy

chocobacon: The Parking Lot

chocobacon: Not a religion.

chocobacon: A way of life.

chocobacon: So conform or GTFO!!!

koolfoo3: Tell adam if he unmutes me I'll have sex with him :O :I

geust666: ghost the only person you will ever roll with is rick astley

Angelee33: Fluff, I want you to shove a wad of rotting meat covered in maggots up my pussy.

stevenorr: What are the tweezers for?

stevenorr: Does he have a splinter?

Mithos92: Yeah.

Mithos92: He calls it a penis.

PrinnyCptFalcon(Adamalous): My pajama pants are slightly wet. Feels bad man.

LesbianPedoFairy(Adamalous): I'm 16, not really in shape, working on getting rid of the acne, my name is Lesbian, I have pedophobia, and I like fairies. Wanna cyber?

Upaut: ...I'd blow a load on Moo...

KingFluffy: └(ಠ_ಠ)┘ Ешьте сирот └(ಠ_ಠ)┘

LesbianPedoFairy: Yeah, what Fluff said.

Upaut: "Eat orphans".

Upaut: At least, that's the crude translation.


These are some pics of our regulars. (at least the ones that I have. Anyone want to 'donate' a pic of LPF?: I leave it up to you to guess their identity.



Our pet dog.....scrung. We found him wandering through a really nice house, he most likely lived there, but we rescued him and adopted him. He used to look better, but we stopped feeding him and refuse to bath him.

And now, for your enjoyment, enjoy this disgusting animal and our pet dog, Scrung.


Troll KillsEdit

If you find yourself making an epic Troll Kill, let us know and we will post their name here.

  • IamMEnotUme: Believed he was a regular because he was born in the lot, and hasn't been on since. Gang raped by Adamalous and MrFluffums. SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER IN THE PARKING LOT!
  • hotgirl099: im really mad right now im leaving" This sentence was said after Geust666 and TheDreadPirate were able to call the bluff that the person in her avatar was indeed not hotgirl but a girl who committed suicide after being harassed by internet bullies.

Memorable Conversations In ChatEdit

(Some everyday TPL chat)

(Chris and his wife are having a baby, hence the topic of the babies name came up)

Chris20003: did i tell you what we're naming him?

Chris20003: just to shift the conversation

Shingamia: what are you naming him

Chris20003: Aiden

Shingamia: oooo i like that

Chris20003: figure its a hard to rhyme with anything insulting so

Chris20003: not a bad start lol

Shingamia: firm yet free spirited

Chris20003: that too

TheDreadPirate: gayden

Chris20003: damn

Shingamia: awe come on dread

Chris20003: didn't think of that

Chris20003: lol

TheDreadPirate: sorry, I took it as a challenge.

Shingamia: at least u werent like me

Adamalous: That's the first time I've laughed all day. Thanks Dread.

Chris20003: dread won

Shingamia: i wanted to name my future son Jupiter

TheDreadPirate: np adam

terrag511: no maybe its because pety immature burns arnt very insulting there just....pitifull

TheDreadPirate: I think he just made our "ignore" list. Yep, he did.

terrag511: well dont worry guys! i pity you now so its all ok :D

TheDreadPirate: He can't spell, he doesn't understand he lost, and he has terrible grammar. I call this one over, winner, US.

terrag511: ummmm where was anything misspelled?

NitrosRevenge: pety' arnt' pitifull' must i go on?

NitrosRevenge: pitiful petty aren't are correct just in case you didn't know

TheDreadPirate: "terrag511: no maybe its because pety(petty) immature burns arnt (aren't) very insulting(,) there (they're) just....pitifull (pitiful)"

TheDreadPirate: Hows that for a start?

terrag511: ummmm do you spell arnt with an apostrophe when you type?

TheDreadPirate: Most people do. It's called spelling doofus.

NitrosRevenge: DUR

TheDreadPirate: IGNORE

TheDreadPirate: TYME!

terrag511: im a highschool drop out so i guess its to be expected.

TheDreadPirate: I spelled that wrong on purpose.

terrag511: thanks for rubbing it in though

TheDreadPirate: Hey Nitro, he's a drop out. Why am I not surprised?

NitrosRevenge: Idk... It doesn't take me by shock exactly

TheDreadPirate: I'll bet he can't even spell G-E-D!

NitrosRevenge: Maybe if he would a spent more time there he would know when he is beaten

TheDreadPirate: Crack will do that to you.

TheDreadPirate: derrrr, im uh dropout...wuld u liek frys wit that burgar?

ustinkirock: I think US is better than Canada in my opinion

JudasInc: i think you're more gay then a bunch of gay austrians

The_Dickler: fagust666

geust666: let me make your name gay

geust666: The_Dickler

The_Dickler: that's already my name retard

(This is the part where I started laughing so hard I began to cough - Dread)

akphenom: who knows the longest word

KissofDeath3: me

fredkc1: hllo

KissofDeath3: i saw it yesterday, has 30 letters

KissofDeath3: on a pepper spray can

Michealangelo: supercowafargilisticxpaladousious

fredkc1: hello

akphenom: wrong

Michealangelo: D:

KissofDeath3: what is it then

akphenom: here is the definition meaning volcanic ash in lungs

akphenom: now here is the word


geust666: go there to see the chemicle name of titin

akphenom: pneumonoultramicroscpicsilicovolcanocon

geust666: puts that to shame


geust666: then theres that

akphenom: not a word

geust666: yes it is

Michealangelo: im goin sumwer else

geust666: google it

Michealangelo: cya

wtfboy123: sry

akphenom: u find definition

wtfboy123: whos this

geust666: google sucks

geust666: nvm

fredkc1: rich the phon hangend up

Kongregate Notice: Part of your message was cut off because it exceeded the 250 character maximum.

geust666: It is a transliteration of the Ancient Greek word λοπαδοτεμαχοσελαχογαλεοκρανιολειψανοδριμυποτριμματοσιλφιοκαραβομελιτοκατακεχυμενοκιχλεπικοσσυφοφαττοπεριστεραλεκτρυονοπτοκεφαλλιοκιγκλοπελειολαγῳοσιραιοβαφητραγανοπτερύγων in the Greek alphabet...

geust666: It is a transliteration of the Ancient Greek word ... Liddell and Scott translate this as "name of a dish compounded of all kinds of dainties, fish, flesh, fowl, and sauces."

geust666: so what then

akphenom: no that word isnt used any more has spaces so that means seperate words

geust666: its still a fucking word

geust666: you ignorant scum

KissofDeath3: yeah get em@!!@

akphenom: yes it is BUT im talking about NOW

fredkc1: wtfboy anser me know or now

geust666: my word

geust666: is longer

geust666: your word

geust666: pneumonoultramicroscpicsilicovolcanocon

geust666: my word

geust666: pneumonoultramicroscpicsilicovolcanocon

geust666: pneumonoultramicroscpicsilicovolcanocon

geust666: copy and paste fail

akphenom: i said that


Dandrexis: shillzzergizngarbadagadagameyougoncarie there i win that word is off scary move 2 or 3

akphenom: how many ****in times do i have to say thats not a word no more

davidthaone: no

davidthaone: no????????????????


Dandrexis: akphenom ur stupid when a word is a word its allways a word u cant say that a word is not a word anymore

davidthaone: what im talking about


Adamalous: FALCON KICK!


KissofDeath3: adam shut up no1 loves you

KissofDeath3: lol

akphenom: if it is not in the dictionary then fail

Adamalous: >:U


geust666: akphenom you are ignorant

Dandrexis: ^


geust666: akphenom

geust666: find your word in the dictionary

akphenom: great another micheal jackson homo

chimchar994: micheal jackson is cool but i dont like him that much

Dandrexis: are u mocking the great micheal jackson

akphenom: it is in the oxford dictionary or something like that

geust666: give me proof

akphenom: listen HE IA A HOMO

KissofDeath3: dandrexis

KissofDeath3: if he was great he wouldnt have died like a nub

Dandrexis: How is Micheal Jackson a homo?

akphenom: HE ****S KIDS

geust666: diclaimer

Dandrexis: and dont say that he touched little boys becasue it was never proven and EVEN THE ****ING KIDS PARENTS CAME OUT AFTER HE DIED AND SAID HE NEVER TOUCHED HIM

geust666: hes allegedly raped kids


geust666: akphenom: no that word isnt used any more has spaces so that means seperate words

geust666: you fail



cooljman10: hi

Dandrexis: akphenom ur ****ing stupid how old r u?

chimchar994: Dandrexis just ignor him and probaly 7


Shingamia: hey all

cooljman10: i made a new thing bcause i cuold not rember my account

chimchar994: welll im 12 and going through puberty so me and Dandrexis win :p

Dandrexis: ok your eleve dont even try and throw facts at me about micheal jackson when you and your little hissy fits come back when your balls drop

Shingamia: WHAT!!

Shingamia: what did he say about MJ?!

geust666: argument

chimchar994: OMG not this again\

geust666: dual argument actually


geust666: me and him fighting about the longest word

chimchar994: this is oing to get worst

geust666: and him against everyone about mj

geust666: btw shin

geust666: akphenom is the most ignorant person you've ever shated with

Shingamia: i didnt want to prolong the argument i just wanted to rundown of the minutes

Shingamia: well what did he say? I'll be the judge of who is stupid

akphenom: i said this

Dandrexis: hes saying that micheal jackson is a bad performer and a homo because he says he rapped kids

Dandrexis: raped* i think

geust666: akphenom: great another micheal jackson homo

Shingamia: OMFG!!! WHO THE HELL ARE U!!

Shingamia: bad performer my ass

chimchar994: Dandresiz 2 things 1 want to be friends and 2. how old r u

akphenom: i didnt hate his songs just the way he acts

Dandrexis: im 15 and sure

Shingamia: y?

geust666: akphenom: listen HE IA A HOMO

geust666: akphenom: HE ****S KIDS

Shingamia: well aparently everyone else likes the way he acts

geust666: akphenom: IS THAT Y HE WAS IN DEBT BECUZ HE ****ED KIDS

Shingamia: you have no proof he rapped children

chimchar994: im like 3 years younger and i dont want to annoy u with my loud mouth so forget about it

Shingamia: and he was aquitted

chimchar994: im 12 not 3

akphenom: he was charred of rapping kids

Shingamia: and the man who accused MJ of rapping his kid just recently killed him self out of guilt

akphenom: he hanged his kids of a balcony


Dandrexis: and that was only because he wanted to show the world his kids

akphenom: ask the little boys he met

Dandrexis: Learn to watch alittle news

KissofDeath3: id rather not

Dandrexis: the boys parents went on air and said he never touched there kid

Shingamia: well im gonna side with akp on the baby "dangling" not hanging

ruff666: u people r weird

Shingamia: that was pretty crazy

akphenom: well hold the kids like a normal person i know he wanted them to see his kids

Shingamia: well if you arent going to read the news for yourself down parade around with hearsay news

Shingamia: down-->dont*

Dandrexis: ^what he said

geust666: ^^^ what she said

hotgirl gets pwnd (the lines in italics are PM's between me and Geust)

hotgirl099: hey

TheDreadPirate: Heeyyyyyyyyyyy

hotgirl099: what up

TheDreadPirate: nuttn, u?

hotgirl099: the sky

Toxic10Gaming: ouch.

Toxic10Gaming: Burned.

TheDreadPirate: What chu talkin bout, Willis?

hotgirl099: my uncles lov that saying

TheDreadPirate: why does hotgirl have a pic of megan meier (the girl that killed herself) as her profile pic? (reply)

TheDreadPirate: What chu talkin bout, Willis?

Kristal321: bye people.

Toxic10Gaming: Seyah

To TheDreadPirate: to prove she is a girl duh

TheDreadPirate: bet she says that is her. (reply)

hotgirl099: who here nos immasexychick

TheDreadPirate: Hotgirl, are you really hot?

To TheDreadPirate: yo prove she is a girl fuh

geust666: HOTGIRL

geust666: it looks like your giving a bj on your avatar

TheDreadPirate: What chu talkin bout, Willis?

hotgirl099: look at the pic its from my b day

TheDreadPirate: that's you on your profile pic?

To TheDreadPirate: wait a minute

hotgirl099: yes

hotgirl099: brb

TheDreadPirate: see, told you. (reply)

To TheDreadPirate: lmao i found the picture on google images

TheDreadPirate: scroll down and you will see "her" profile pic. (reply)

hotgirl099: im back


geust666: hot girl go there please

hotgirl099: y

geust666: its a picture of you

Toxic10Gaming: Lol

geust666: honestly

hotgirl099: i no i put it on there

geust666: its your avatar

hotgirl099: i put it on there

Toxic10Gaming: Hmm, onto Epic War for me then.

geust666: if anyone wants to know about hotgirl she is a victom of internet bullying

geust666: she killed her self

geust666: full story on

hotgirl099: huh

Toxic10Gaming: O.O

geust666: im calling your bluff

geust666: go to that link its a article about a girl with your avatar killing her self


xshishio: wow hotgirl your a sick person to use a dead 15yr old's picture

hotgirl099: im really mad right now im leaving

geust666: bye

TheDreadPirate: well, our works done here (reply)

[07:41:40 PM] Koolfoo3: Bye now

[07:43:03 PM] Cenafam961ac9: guest y does ur cousin leaving and rd don’t correct me this time dammit

[07:43:27 PM] rdcool: why* geust* your*

[07:43:44 PM] Cenafam961ac9: dammit rd i said not to

[07:43:52 PM] rdcool: no means yes ;)

[07:43:59 PM] Geust666: we are only cousins because i wasn’t acting like a brother

[07:44:08 PM] rdcool: ahhh role playing?

[07:44:17 PM] Geust666: yeah…

[07:44:30 PM] rdcool: instead of for reall incest..only distant cousin incest

[07:44:47 PM] Geust666: :P

[07:45:11 PM] Cenafam961ac9: ahhh hey guest will it be alright if i can date your cousin though

[07:45:16 PM] Cenafam961ac9: please

[07:45:35 PM] Geust666: lets do some roleplaying to see if you are a good match for her

[07:45:44 PM] rdcool: oh oh pick me pick me!

[07:45:49 PM] Geust666: koolfoo3: how big is your dick.

[07:45:53 PM] Cenafam961ac9: ok

[07:45:54 PM] Geust666: your response?

[07:46:08 PM] Cenafam961ac9: 6 inches

[07:46:20 PM] rdcool: he musta been sitting there with the ruler ready

[07:46:21 PM] Geust666: hmmm. lets try again

[07:46:42 PM] Geust666: koolfoo3: **** me now.

[07:46:52 PM] rdcool: i heard you had an STD

[07:47:12 PM] Geust666: btw she likes to roleplay so i want a decent paragraph explaining all the nasty things you would want to do with her

[07:47:52 PM] rdcool: hm id **** her in the ass till she bled, then i would lick the blood up and spit it into her mouth then have her suck ma c***k till it was rubbed raw

[07:48:01 PM] rdcool: THEN

[07:48:05 PM] To rdcool: _ the sad thing is i am taking the questions seriously….

[07:48:19 PM] rdcool: whatcha mean? (reply)

[07:48:30 PM] To rdcool: she actually says this stuff…

[07:48:55 PM] rdcool: haha xD ah internetz sex..been there done that (reply)

[07:49:04 PM] To rdcool: if you say i don’t now about the size of your dick she will post

[07:49:27 PM] rdcool: do i even wanna go there? (reply)

[07:49:47 PM] To rdcool: it is just a ruler… that doesn’t scale up or down when you change the zoom…

[07:50:39 PM] Cenafam961ac9: Ok get on my bed and spread your legs so that I can insert. Then after I pull out I will lick your pussy. Then turn you over and **** your ass. Then after that when i cum inside you in both holes i will put all of my semen cum on your face for a…

[07:51:12 PM] To rdcool: lmao

[07:51:23 PM] Cenafam961ac9: facial. Then after that turn you back on your back and do the process all over again.

[07:51:57 PM] rdcool: semen cum? and fyi..most girls think butt sex is nasty

[07:52:09 PM] Cenafam961ac9: not most of them

[07:52:12 PM] rdcool: and how bout a first date bro?

[07:52:34 PM] rdcool: so that you can insert?

[07:52:40 PM] rdcool: where the hell is the detail!

[07:52:57 PM] Cenafam961ac9: well true but then i will **** her afterwards

[07:53:05 PM] rdcool: and btw if you cum inside both holes…thats how babies are made

[07:53:32 PM] Cenafam961ac9: well i was going to have a rubber on

[07:53:40 PM] rdcool: and what..youre not gonna finger her or lick her?? what kinda man are you!

[07:54:00 PM] rdcool: this kid…is lonely (reply)

[07:54:02 PM] Geust666: rubber means you can’t cum inside her bro

[07:54:13 PM] rdcool: i know

[07:54:17 PM] To rdcool: i feel bad for making him do this…. but lmao

[07:54:38 PM] rdcool: save conversation for kool xD this is priceless..hes probably dead serious too (reply)

[07:54:51 PM] To rdcool: he has to be…

[07:55:07 PM] Cenafam961ac9: i am going to lick her but listen can we continue tomorrow i have to be in bed soon because i had football practice today and im sore as hell but if we continue tomorrow i am staying up all night so that we can chat

[07:55:28 PM] rdcool: you do realize…geust isnt the one to **** right

[07:56:08 PM] rdcool: and…be careful you dont go blind sonny

[07:56:08 PM] Geust666: fine line between roleplay and homo erotica

[07:56:22 PM] Cenafam961ac9: i know i was talking about ****ing his cousin that’s all

[07:56:36 PM] rdcool: wonder if he got the going blind reference (reply)

[07:56:56 PM] To rdcool: doubt it…

[07:57:00 PM] rdcool: well…at least…geust entertained you

[07:57:13 PM] rdcool: ah this was fun..i miss the old days sometimes xD (reply)

[07:57:13 PM] Cenafam961ac9: true he did

[07:57:22 PM] rdcool: …

[07:57:25 PM] Geust666: so how old are you again… i don’t want an old man dating my cousin… she is special to me.

[07:58:22 PM] Cenafam961ac9: i am 15 guest

[07:59:04 PM] Geust666: ok i will talk to her tomorrow about it at school.

[07:59:29 PM] Cenafam961ac9: ok

[07:59:33 PM] Cenafam961ac9: thanks

[07:59:40 PM] Geust666: np.

[08:00:13 PM] Cenafam961ac9: well talk to you guys tomorrow night im going to bed

[08:00:25 PM] rdcool: nnight sweet dreams lover boyyy

[08:00:34 PM] EvilSinz: gnite cutie

[08:01:08 PM] Geust666: have sweet dreams man.

[08:01:32 PM] To rdcool: you know he is going to start faping about kool in 5 minutes right _

[08:02:22 PM] rdcool: haha yep xD and where do i put it o.O and where should i copy start from? (reply)

March 17th 2012 @ 4:14pm

Cenafam961ac9: fine i can see where im not ****ing needed you bunch of fusching assholes

Cenafam961ac9: ****ing*

TheDreadPirate: U mad?

TheDreadPirate: Don't go away mad......just go away :D

TheDreadPirate: What is "fusching"?


Nedyarb: Wow.


A toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll. And if we don't get no tolls, then we don't eat no rolls.

You just lost the game.

Some DefinitionsEdit

Here are some of the terms you may encounter while in The Parking Lot. While not a complete list, it will help you "appear" to fit in.

  • FailTroll: An idiot who fails to be a troll, an idiot who everyone ignores, an idiot who tries to troll but in doing so he/she fails.
    FailTroll : U R Teh gayz
    Everyone Else: GTFO NUB
    FailTroll: U R teh gayz
    Everyone Else: Just GTFO already
    FailTroll: U R teh gayz
    Moderator: Banned
    Everyone Else: yay
  • Newbie: A person new to a game, concept, or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a stupid person. Newbies are just new.
  • Newfag: A person, regardless of rank or the date they joined Kong, who attempts to intrude upon conversations and act as if they know everyone who is currently engaged in said conversation. Also, a person that tries to use rank and/or time to deflect being called a “newfag“.
  • n00b: The derogatory word used to label someone who is new to a particular game/forum/server/where-ever. Many people misuse the word, insulting new members by calling them 'n00b's.
    The word 'newb' is sometimes confused with this term - 'newb' standing for 'new beginner'. Whereas a n00b means one of two common terms.
    1. A new member who is acting stupidly.
    2. A member who is acting stupidly, regardless of level and/or experience.
  • Oldbie: The opposite of a Newbie. Someone who has been around for quite some time, and knows how to do things.
  • Troll:
    1a. Noun
    One who posts a deliberately provocative message in chat with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.
    1b. Noun
    A person who, in the chat, attacks and flames other members of the chat for any of a number of reasons such as rank, previous disagreements, sex, status, ect.
    A troll usually flames threads without staying on topic, unlike a "Flamer" who flames a thread because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread.
    1c. Noun
    A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others (i.e. Adam). Someone with nothing worthwhile to add to a certain conversation, but rather continually threadjacks or changes the subject, as well as thinks every member of the forum is talking about them and only them. Trolls often go by multiple names to circumvent getting banned.
    2a. Noun
    Trolls are a diverse sapient race in Azeroth and can be found in every part of the world. They average seven feet in height and two hundred pounds in weight. Two exceptions to this are the Drakkari and the Zandalari, who tend to be somewhat larger than their kindred. As with other races, there are also scattered trolls who far exceed the normal size range.

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