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The Room, The myth, The drama and The random


  • Lindsey_Lollipop
  • Waterrat600
  • Colin00 (Teh random) :D
  • megamanO (The Unusual)
  • nickkcin (The person)
  • Darktide10 (The Asian)
  • AzureOkami (The Oxymoron)
  • aandyrox (Not your average gamer)

Drama Queens/KingsEdit

  • Nillid
  • Caveman107
  • princessannie (fake daughter of aerius, often a regular)
  • copycat009
  • Guitarguy3000
  • femalegogetter
  • blackrose6 (teh (not) awesome)

Old RegularsEdit

  • Kitteh
  • redrules
  • shoot_me
  • Cyon
  • XHKred
  • Manda1017

The early days of The MallEdit

Disclaimer: This impression is not meant negatively at all. As I was not a regular of the mall, only a passive observer. I do not have intricate knowledge pertaining every detail of The Mall and its regulars. My perspective is only what the occasional passerby might see. I hold the Mall and its regulars in high regard, especially since the room has shown drastic improvement from when it first began. -- Random mod

In the early days of the mall, Trolls were rampant, the topics of discussion were often less than appealing, and chaos reigned supreme. At times... The Mall had trolls who were reminiscent of the "Christmas Critters" from South Park. The inhabitants of the mall did not mind their environment for the most part. To some outsiders, however, the mall was a frightening place where non-mod users feared to trod.Gradually, the mall improved over time and became more user friendly. Around the time Vega and Aerius had received their modships, the mall was already a fairly peaceful place. While Vega likes the Mall, he has an obligation to the Chill Lounge. Thus Aerius became the room owner of the mall.

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