The Love Letter is a stealth game programmed by axcho, art and design by Pat Kemp, and music created by Teo Acosta. Originally an entry for Ludum Dare 22 Online Game Jam, then polished for a web release on Valentine’s Day.


You arrive late to school and notice a letter with a heart inside your locker. The first few lines states that the letter is top secret and you must read it alone before the 2nd period bell. Suddenly a bell rings signaling the end of 1st period. Now you only have 5 minutes to finish reading the letter by yourself before the start of 2nd period as students pour out of the classrooms and begin to fill the halls.

Gameplay Edit

The Love Letter is a stealth game. The protagonist can move around using the mouse, arrow keys or WASD. Clicking and holding the mouse, holding the space bar, or holding enter will result in the protagonist to continue reading the letter. The students who see you will greet, approach, and continue to follow you until you move around a corner. If they catch you reading the letter, the game will end.


Move with the mouse. Click and hold to read the letter. You may also use arrow keys and space bar or WASD and enter instead. Don’t get caught!


Read the love letter without getting caught! Can you find your true love before 2nd period?


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