The Journey Home is an adventure game developed by Raius_ and published on June.8, 2016.


A short story in which you play as an adventurer who is for hire and after years of travelling the world for work you have decided to head home far in the north on a road full of creatures and demons that prey on travellers.

Despite the dangers of the road you decide to get going and pickup some supplies. Your first day is uneventful but as you head away from civilisation you come across a fellow traveller camping. Named Meredith, you have a conversation with her and choose either to relax in the camp for a bit or continue on the way.

Next thing you meet a young girl along the way, named Jinora, passed out. You notice she has a claw marks along her right arm, that of a demon's. Given enough time, the girl would turn into a demon, but she still has few more days. You give her a potion out of collected herbs from a nearby forest. She wakes up and tells you her story. She escaped her village after the alchemist, who was supposed to help her after her injury, rat on her to the guards.

You tell her that there's a hope, still. You promise to take her back to your village's alchemist who could heal her, assuring her it would work since she -the alchemist- had saved you once from the same infection. And the adventure begins.


Rush for the Cure Badge
  Rush for the Cure Badge
Easy pts
The Journey Home » Get back home


The Journey Home (Flash Game) By Raius - Playthrough Walkthrough36:19

The Journey Home (Flash Game) By Raius - Playthrough Walkthrough

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