Formerly JesseMH8's Master Chief's Kitchen, and then Ice Cream Kingdom, The Fifty Yard Line is now pretty much the same room with a new name and a lot of interlopers from summer. We do watch football together on the weekend, though and try to have a pretty good time overall. Not a place to miss during football and otherwise just fun. 

Regulars/Semi-Regulars (As of 11/24/13)Edit

Newstomper -  Old hat that will roll with any conversation. Mod of Cloudstone, leader of the Rogues of Evolution, and generally a great guy. Favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

529842 - Ancient being from the land of the Ice Cream Kingdom. Known as 529 he roams the land searching for a good laugh and an even better game with EVEN BETTER friends. Leroy Jenkins.

CURSEDO - A general all around gaming guy that tends to AFK in the Fifty Yard Line. Plays a lot of Godfield and Anti-Idle in his spare time. Is always up for some intellectual chat or a round of Godfield.

Flein - Conversationalist. Aspiring two-timer. Anti-hero. Semi-troller. Nika-abuser.

dinikaaa - Beautiful Multitasking Princess of Dynamite. All round badass. Abused by Flein. 

ShariTraice - Self proclaimed master of Satan and rpg/strategy fanatic, tends to join most conversations.

Half-Way Semi-RegularsEdit

Birdeea the Bird - Is actually a bird. AC/DC lover. Loves a range of crazy-ass stuff. No one will understand her love of food.

Old Regulars/Semi-RegularsEdit

Kikicoops - Room owner. Cooking enthusiast. Awesome person all around. Doesn't get involved in the conversation unless intervention is necessary, or someone is willing to strike up an interesting intellectual conversation. Football enthusiast! Fight on Trojans!

Artix vonKreiger - A mysterious person with a mysterious past. He sometimes subtly alludes to it and it seems to be bad. He acts much older than he says he is; what could this possibly mean? He likes a wide variety of games. Also, he says that the song, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, because it rminds him of himself. Is he possibly a loner? He's a pretty cool guy and stuff too. He was humped by a (WOAH) man.

LtDiablo - The guy who is always playing Anti-Idle. Quiet unless called upon. Cool guy who can get to level 27 in Loops of Zen. Can counter-troll quite nicely...

1cap30 - A down to earth girl who is really fun to talk to. She is bursting with energy and kindness.

Marq- Mongol. Once ate a moose and a penguin. not the same meal.

Zaion Solaris - Dark Lord with good convo and really knows his games. Go to for in game advice. A great guy and a good friend, as long as you don't cuss all the time around him. A little is ok.

Zaions Lady - lady of radience loves interesting convos A great friend and will listen any time if you need someone to understand. loves her music and cooking. she is a cuddle bear ... most of the time

KingNever6 - Gets along with everybody but trolls.

AmandaE1 - Always has kiddie boys trying to follow her around. Has a seemingly infinite amount of energy, and should probably be tested for ADHD.

cupcakeofdeath - Gets upset over level 6 mods. Wants more interaction from people. Also has a sophisticated taste in cupcakes.

TheFeedback - At first a driven troll who then settled into ICK. Likes to watch the kiddies of the room fight over who can be the most naive. Loves him some of that American rugby. He is BWF (Best Whores Forever) with Oxzane68. Set up the Internet Pissing League to determine who is the pissiest kiddie of the FYL.

leopardo412 - Amazing person. She fails at typing a lot, and she is a very hyper person! She's also obsessed with the Warriors series(warrior cats). She is also known as: failpaw, failflight, princess, squirrelpaw and squirrelflight! AmandaE1's fail sister! She also gets lost a lot. She's also scared about the fact shes Irish and Scottish.

loganboy - Likes Deadliest Warrior, the Warriors books, or anything else with the word "Warrior" in it, and he can commonly be found listening to music. If you have any other questions about him, just ask!

Ariyahna - A sexy beast and a sushi roll of professions; professional ninja, pirate, dinosaur, and astronaut. Her favorite bands are BrokeNCYDE and Simple Plan. Been to hell and back at least 9 times, but still has supporting friends. Needs to learn how to grow up.

Oxzane68 - A random person who stabs himself, sits on peoples laps, shines their shoes, and chews on feet and ears. Also, the room whore. He is BWF - Best Whores Forever with TheFeedback.

JediGuardofZam - His name is really Exar Kun and he is a Sith Lord bent on making friends and taking over the Galaxy.

SirKillsAlot101 - Plays on many flash game websites, but mostly Kongregate. His real name is Daniel, around age 20.

Pierocks166 - The general of Lord Israphel's private creeper guard. Followed around by endermen bodyguards, he dwells in the sewers of The Fifty Yard Line.

SkillzThtKillz - Epic half troll that peppers the room with witty insults and sarcasm. Lives in New Zealand

MmmDoughnuts/King Sprinkles - Ruler of the the Planet KrispyKremeon. This is a pastry is not to be messed with.

Masivemurder - A person that has a description here that says words about him.

lionboy233 -He's a local perv that is cool as long as he is not crazy from medications, or horny, and he can either be random, intellectual, or depressed.

Missing - A guy who loves adventure and chatting with his mates. Look for him if you need someone to talk to.

Spark_of_souls16 - A fun loveing peacekeeper. Loves random conversations and thinks everyone is awesome! Also known as "Murder Banana." She is awesome.

Naesme - What to say? He's Naesme. Awesome friend :D

KatherineL1 - She likes hugs. If you give her a hug she will accept it. she is bi-polar. Alts: ilovehugs666 and katherinel2 and probably others. She is probably bi. who the fuck even knows though.

Dark_wolf286 - He is a funny random freak who likes to be called Wolfey and only leopardo412 can call him fluffy. He is bros with jakey (jacobhawk) and if you get him mad, he'll give you empty threats. He also "hunts" trolls with his pack of wolves. Finally he has ADHD and should be put in an insane asylum if he has more than a cup of sugar.

shadow_child666 -born in abyss raised in the fifty yard line now is a nomad who is based from this room he wonders the wildernes's oh kongregate to find the best trolls,and is kind of annoying.

gangsta_lyfe - Too nice for the internet, but if you mess with her she has an attitude. She doesn't like fakers, but loves haters, because "haters are your biggest fans." Used to like kota, but not anymore. She acts like she loves Kota so he won't come acting like a baby to her... She wants to join BWF.

DemonPunk Angel - Very hyper due to ADHD; for example she says "meow" and "RAWR" a lot. She has a temper if you mess with her, but she is nice. She's also crazy and weird, a bit flirty too. She also likes randomly saying random things, at the randomest momments. She also adores making new friends, but if someone hurts her friends she'll go crazy on your ass.

kyochan or kyo- is nobody. He always pops out, with no purpose, talking random stuff. He's mistery and sneaky. :D

swordjoe - Some people may know him as tyeminnie. Was a troll, but now is a handsome young man who is always looking for a hug.

jacobghawk - The guy who will be somewhat difficult to get along with at first then once you get to know him, it'll all be hunky-dory and you'll learn to understand him

11_toes - Jacob's superior. This guy is a straight up baller.

EzioAuditoreBoA - Formerly known as Lordofthetaco. Our friendlie Assassin that lives in his safehouse and is very random. He is KatherineL1's Dad and sneaks in and climbs walls. He disappears frequently, but always comes back. Always makes people his friends.

cscash2041 - Stops in from time to time to say Hi to Kikicoops or because gaw is filled with idiots. Formerly a troll.

IPL Power Rankings (as of 11/25/11)Edit

1. DakotaD12 (3)

2. sparten574 (1)

3. Callacose (4)

4. skyboy (2)

5. jacobghawk (5)

6. Michaeldog123 (6)

Side comment:: Lawl, third place still, and been behavin D;.

Classic ConversationsEdit

The following took place from 22:40 to 23:00 GMT+12 (because that’s my timezone and I cbf changing it to your shitty American one) on October 16, 2011

Death2134: bored

SkillzThtKillz: You are bored at school...

SkillzThtKillz: You are bored at home...

Death2134: school's over

SkillzThtKillz: When aren't you bored?


Spark_of_souls16: *!

Death2134: when i dont feel like bored

SkillzThtKillz: *facepalm*

Spark_of_souls16: lol

SkillzThtKillz: I know that

SkillzThtKillz: BUt what do you do to stop being bored...

Spark_of_souls16: bad question skillz

SkillzThtKillz: Hey doesn't know what masturbation is it's okay

Death2134: ahh playing outside?

Spark_of_souls16: ...........

SkillzThtKillz: See?

SkillzThtKillz: What sports do you play?

Death2134: everything

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: What sports are you best at?

Death2134: @skillz: and what is masturbation?

SkillzThtKillz: *sigh*

Spark_of_souls16: omg!!!

SkillzThtKillz: Ask your brother

Death2134: brb

Spark_of_souls16: O.o

SkillzThtKillz: HAHAHAHA

Spark_of_souls16: we didnt mean now!

Spark_of_souls16: *he

Spark_of_souls16: wow he really went and asked didn't he?

SkillzThtKillz: Oh man we have to tell feed about this

SkillzThtKillz: He will laugh his ass off

Spark_of_souls16: how old is death?

SkillzThtKillz: Not very

Death2134: back

Death2134: now i know what mastubate means

SkillzThtKillz: Did he...

SkillzThtKillz: Show you?

Spark_of_souls16: .... XD

Death2134: nope but he did tell me

SkillzThtKillz: So now you don't have to keep asking us okay?

Spark_of_souls16: XD

Death2134: mastubation is weird

Spark_of_souls16: XD

Spark_of_souls16: omg

Spark_of_souls16: i think the fever went to my brain..i cant stop laughing

To Spark_of_souls16: We should save this conversation for future reference

SkillzThtKillz: You should try it some day

SkillzThtKillz: Death?

Death2134: ?

SkillzThtKillz: You should try it someday

Death2134: yeah right?

SkillzThtKillz: Cool

SkillzThtKillz: Have fun with that bro

Death2134: dude you doing it ?

Spark_of_souls16: XD

Death2134: when you were a kid?

SkillzThtKillz: Maybe...

SkillzThtKillz: I might be doing it right now...

SkillzThtKillz: you never know...

Death2134: XD

Spark_of_souls16: o.o

Spark_of_souls16: XD

Death2134: what is it feels like?

SkillzThtKillz: Um...

SkillzThtKillz: It's like the best sandwhich you ever ate

SkillzThtKillz: but sex

SkillzThtKillz: Do you understand?

Death2134: oh

Death2134: like a sandwhich?

SkillzThtKillz: Yes very much so

Death2134: a sandwhich WTF

SkillzThtKillz: It's very hard to explain

To Spark_of_souls16: geddit "hard"

Death2134: a sandwhich eyy

Death2134: so if i ate a sandwhich that's what it feels like?

Spark_of_souls16: XD lol yeah i got it (reply)

SkillzThtKillz: Yeah but it's sex...

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: DO you know what sex is?

Death2134: yeah it's part of naturre i got over it

Death2134: nautre*

SkillzThtKillz: well it's like that...

Death2134: nature*

SkillzThtKillz: but a sandwhich that you made yourself

Spark_of_souls16: omg brb

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: *yourself

Death2134: a sandwhich ey

SkillzThtKillz: yep

Death2134: a sandwhich it tastes yummy

SkillzThtKillz: Yeah!

Death2134: and where dakota?

SkillzThtKillz: He's gone to school

Death2134: school

<Death2134: weird

Death2134: and sandwhich

SkillzThtKillz: He lives in america... everything is weird over there

SkillzThtKillz: but without the sandwhich

Death2134: where do you live

Death2134: canada?

SkillzThtKillz: New Zealand

Death2134: and sandwhich

SkillzThtKillz: It's like canada but more sandwhich

SkillzThtKillz: and smaller

Spark_of_souls16: What?

Death2134: sandwhich

SkillzThtKillz: Yes

SkillzThtKillz: Our country is very sandwhich

Death2134: so it's full of sandwhiches?

SkillzThtKillz: No...

Death2134: sandwhich

SkillzThtKillz: It has lots of sheep and bread

SkillzThtKillz: and beef

SkillzThtKillz: Lots of cows

SkillzThtKillz: So we are pretty much the best sandwhich ever =p

Death2134: sandwhich

Spark_of_souls16: what are you talking about now?

SkillzThtKillz: How very sandwhich my country is

Death2134: sandwhiches

Death2134: i like cheese in my sandwhiche da real one

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: I think america has cheese in it...

Death2134: i like cheese in my sandhwhicse

SkillzThtKillz: Well at least it's movies do...

SkillzThtKillz: Zing!

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: I'm sorry

SkillzThtKillz: I take it back

SkillzThtKillz: You country is a great sandwhich

SkillzThtKillz: Maybe the greatest sandwhich of them all

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: What kind of sandwhich is the phillipines?

Death2134: i dunno

SkillzThtKillz: Hang on let me google it...

Death2134: i like sandwhichse with cheese

SkillzThtKillz: Okay here we go

SkillzThtKillz: Phillipines... ew

Death2134: philippines is so hard to spell fawk

Spark_of_souls16: lol

SkillzThtKillz: It says you are a poo and tampon sandwhich!

Death2134: and my PC is slow like a turtle on water

SkillzThtKillz: Do you have that many tampons in the philipines?

Spark_of_souls16: XD

Death2134: what is tampon

SkillzThtKillz: Ask your brother

To Spark_of_souls16: come on...

Spark_of_souls16: poo and tampon sandwhich!

Death2134: tampon

SkillzThtKillz: Yeah

Death2134: im not going up there and to see do his busness

SkillzThtKillz: Ask him he'll know

Death2134: what is tampon

SkillzThtKillz: I'm sure your brother would know...

Death2134: brb gonna change games

jimmygogo: lol

SkillzThtKillz: I'm not too sure myself

To jimmygogo: don't ruin it for us...

jimmygogo: how old r yous?

To jimmygogo: Shut it

Spark_of_souls16: who?

jimmygogo: just wondering mate

To jimmygogo: We are having a hilarious conversation here mate

SkillzThtKillz: Are you australian?

Spark_of_souls16: @death anyways go ask ur brother cause im the only girl and i'm not telling you

Death2134: WTF

Death2134: c'mon

Spark_of_souls16: no

Death2134: PM me

To Spark_of_souls16: Pretend you aren't a girl

Spark_of_souls16: never

SkillzThtKillz: YOu aren't a girl spark

SkillzThtKillz: She doesn't know either

Death2134: brb sister's here

jimmygogo: lol, have fun with that

Death2134: C;mon sparks

SkillzThtKillz: No ask yur sister

SkillzThtKillz: she'll DEFINATLY know

Death2134: he'll never tell me

SkillzThtKillz: YOu wont know untill you ask her

Death2134: shel*

Death2134: and skillz im not thirteen

SkillzThtKillz: YOu aren't?

Spark_of_souls16: how old are you death?

SkillzThtKillz: But you are so mature!

Death2134: tha's a secret

Spark_of_souls16: i'll start guessing! 12

<Death2134: close

SkillzThtKillz: 11?

Spark_of_souls16: 10

SkillzThtKillz: 6?

Death2134: 11

SkillzThtKillz: Yes!

SkillzThtKillz: I win!

Death2134: im not thirteen woo

Spark_of_souls16: aww i lost

Death2134: i caught a whale using a fishing line

Spark_of_souls16: good for you i'm so proud ^-^

To Spark_of_souls16: You aren't allowed to have an account on this site if you are under 13

Death2134: and what is tampon

SkillzThtKillz: Ask you sister

SkillzThtKillz: Or your mum

Death2134: just tell me

SkillzThtKillz: your mum will tell you

Death2134: im too young to know

Death2134: they'll never answer

Spark_of_souls16: your not to young

SkillzThtKillz: Sorry we can't be poisoning your innocent mind

Spark_of_souls16: just go ask

Death2134: 11 not 13

Death2134: just tell me

SkillzThtKillz: Nope

Death2134: just tell

SkillzThtKillz: Nah I'm good

ask or you'll never know

Death2134: just tell me

Spark_of_souls16: i dont know eather

Death2134: jus ttell me

SkillzThtKillz: we can't

SkillzThtKillz: We promised your mother we wouldn't

Death2134: you dont know my mother

Spark_of_souls16: thats right we promised your mother

Death2134: just tell me


SkillzThtKillz: I'm sorry

SkillzThtKillz: Your mum will hurt us if we did

Death2134: just tell

Spark_of_souls16: she threatend to kill us if we told

SkillzThtKillz: Allright

Spark_of_souls16: we will tell

SkillzThtKillz: I'm going to tell you

SkillzThtKillz: Right here

Spark_of_souls16: wait dont tell him!

SkillzThtKillz: Right now

SkillzThtKillz: He needs to know

Spark_of_souls16: are you sure he does though i mean it can hurt his little brain

SkillzThtKillz: I think he's mature enough...

SkillzThtKillz: Are you mature enough?

SkillzThtKillz: Death?

Spark_of_souls16: he is gone

SkillzThtKillz: No he's afk

SkillzThtKillz: I think he's googling it

SkillzThtKillz: Awwwwwwww

Spark_of_souls16: lol i bet he is

Death2134: im back

SkillzThtKillz: Or he's asking his sister....

Death2134: and i dint find it

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: Did you ask your sister?

Death2134: nope

Death2134: not a chance

SkillzThtKillz: Okay I'll tell you then

Spark_of_souls16: why not?

Death2134: hurry

SkillzThtKillz: Okay so a tampon is....

SkillzThtKillz: Are you ready?

Spark_of_souls16: i dont think its a good idea skillz

Death2134: im ready

SkillzThtKillz: Are you sure?

Death2134: yeah

SkillzThtKillz: Because once you know there is no going back

Spark_of_souls16: we could get killed

Death2134: just do it

SkillzThtKillz: The boy needs to know spark

Spark_of_souls16: ... i guess so

Death2134: hurry

To Spark_of_souls16: hehe thats what she said

SkillzThtKillz: Okay

SkillzThtKillz: *deep breath*

SkillzThtKillz: A tampon

SkillzThtKillz: is:

SkillzThtKillz: Oh brb phones ringng

Kong Bot: Set status to away

Death2134: im out

Spark_of_souls16: wait death!

SkillzThtKillz: Okay I'm back

Kong Bot: Set status to active

Spark_of_souls16: dont you want to know

SkillzThtKillz: Anyway...

SkillzThtKillz: A tampon is....

katrinedk1: hej christina

Death2134: bye anybody

SkillzThtKillz: A thing that ladies use...

SkillzThtKillz: DAMMIT

SkillzThtKillz: He left

Spark_of_souls16: XD

SkillzThtKillz: what a pussy

Spark_of_souls16: he didnt want to know

SkillzThtKillz: What an anticlimax!

SkillzThtKillz: ^thats what she said

SkillzThtKillz: Oh well

Spark_of_souls16: lol

Hey, that is really long. just saying....

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