The Fancy Pants Adventures is a fast-paced platformer game created by Brad Borne. The game is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, specifically speed and out of reach secrets. The exact name of the game is inconsistent, even from official sources, sometimes not using the definite article and occasionally not pluralized; (The) Fancy Pants Adventure(s). The music is composed by Geier Arnold.


The Fancy Pants Adventures features Fancy Pants Man as the playable character of the series. He is a two dimensional stick figure with spiky, choppy hair, wearing only a pair of triangular-shaped pants. The default pants are orange, but the player can change the color of the pants in the Options menu. The main character dashes through open levels littered with the occasional obstacle or enemies. These enemies consist of spiders and mice armed with guns. Enemies can be defeated by being jumped upon and crushed by Fancy Pants Man, who can also launch off them to perform an augmented leap. As Fancy Pants Man runs through the different levels, there are many "squiggles" floating in mid-air. They serve two important functions. Firstly, they refill Fancy Pants Man's life meter by 5% if he has been damaged, and they also give the player an extra life for every hundred collected.

There are springboards to fling you upwards, half-pipes to run around in great speed, and hills that propel you in many directions. The game has a fairly fast pace but is not averse to slowing down and letting you explore. In fact, there are several hidden areas you can find if you take the time to look. There are five trophies hidden throughout the game for the player to collect and view from the Main menu. A secret move, the wall jump, is obtainable in the first level as a secret power-up from a pit that you travel to through a cardboard box. It serves as a sneak peak to World 2, in which this is a basic gameplay mechanic.

At the end of the game players have to defeat a boss. This boss is an angry penguin who Fancy Pants Man accidentally falls upon and wakes from sleeping.


Pants full of Squiggles
  Pants full of Squiggles Badge
Easy pts
The Fancy Pants Adventures » Finish a level with 100 squiggles in your pants
Antarctic Assassination
  Antarctic Assassination Badge
Medium pts
The Fancy Pants Adventures » Defeat the evil penguin to put a halt to his sadistic "sleeping in bed" plans
Run Fast, Run Fancy
  Run Fast, Run Fancy Badge
Hard pts
The Fancy Pants Adventures » Complete the entirety of world 1 in 3:00 (180 seconds) or under

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