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VORPAL STEAK - a grilled cheese that you ate when you were 5

Vorpal_Steak: The Can: Where the beer gives you gas but the regulars kick ass. The Can!

Nemoso: where the beer makes you burp and the fish gives you herp :


The Cantina is the new name of the room Area 51. Area 51 was lost in a fierce game of poker between Vorpal Steak and TrueMerc. The Cantina was deleted in May 2013 due to low chat activity.

The Cantina has few rules:

1. No Chuck norris jokes

2. No spam

3. No dropping F-bombs or other censored words

4. Follow the rules of

5. Don't be an asshat

6. No Chuck norris jokes

7. NEVER trust gingers, especially ultimatesoldier

8. NEMOSO needs to be treated like crap because she is crap so troll her all you want.

The Cantina is infested with herpies, even our pets have this scourge, from herp frowny :(* to herp frog 8(* even herp duck is not pleased >:V*

Sacred Seasons MMORPG guilds "Team Cantina" and "Fetus Fighters"

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