The Boardwalk...Duh

The Boardwalk, home of few and frequented by many. Little know the history of Boardwalk, but we presume it is both ancient, dirty, and rife with diseases. Blackmail might also have been involved. We suspect that the Boardwalk was founded in 1432 as a hidden assassination school disguised as a travelling circus run by ninja pirates. The Boardwalk would move into a town and kill every living thing in town, including the fleas. Then steal only wheels of cheese and move on, leaving confusion and death in their wake.

Boardwalk RulesEdit

No Trolls Allowed. Trolls will be dealt with quickly and efficently usually with violence, fire, and barbecue sauce.

Hold respect for the room regulars, they have been here longer than you and know more than you. Except those that don't. Screw those guys, they haven't truly learned how to scream for help. From the diaphragm!

Talk, play games and have fun. But not that kind of fun ... ewwwwww. That costs extra.

Boardwalk RegularsEdit

Deligor : A quiet guy that can be very informative.

Avienda : Ask her about WOW.

country_chick : One of these days you are going to be lucky to know this young author.

Rideps1 : He is weird, not much else to say.

Meggytron : Infamous T-Rex with a Rawr that is worse than the bite. Can transform into a gun.

Kiley507 : Comes in at random times, tends to be quiet and or talks about minecraft.

trollmor : Her names means troll mother, but do not let that fool you, she will eat a troll anytime!

Lefrench : He is the french guy in the corner, hiding from the enemy.

Llama770 : Decent enough guy tends to spit in eyes from time to time.

Donniek : Doesn't do much, but can be entertaining when you really talk to him.

MashieNiblic : Blinding people with Science!

carrot_girl112345 :If you know her edit this line.

fonebone9999 :If you know him/her edit this line.

kayari91 :If you know him/her edit this line. I do not, but I am still editing this line. HAH!

Grendelmk1: Is a very very naughty man!

Room Owner and ModsEdit

KiwiBob : Our fearless leader, he is to blame for everything. Even the Kennedy Assassination. And for giving birth to you. He has slept with your mother. Yes, you. Secret collector of Hello Kitty pajamas.

Beckyweck :

DeansFatGoose :

dreamnitedarling: Our latest mod lady. She uses whips, chains, and banana juice for kinky effect. Head tiltingly kinky effect.

Metalrodent : Lovely chap, hangs out in the Boardwalk and Ant Hill.

History Of The BoardwalkEdit

Not much to put in here, KiwiBob  was the only person to own this room until dreamnitedarling . Before that it was a jimgreer.