Welcome to the Basement, run while you still can.

Yes, that's correct. Here it is, the trolliest room on Kongregate. Enter if you feel you have the guts to withstand the might of the powerful trolls. May as well list the regular trolls now that I've seen lately..
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The gang 1 year ago today, this picture was posted on our Facebook page. Credit goes to the one and only LawllyPop





Henry_Hudson (Jake_88)


vindididicator (Too many alts to list)







Typically these people can be very respectable and able to carry a decent conversation with. But be a bad little boy or girl, then prepare to have yourself trolled. I also know I'm forgetting a few people, but these are the ones that've stayed with The Basement for most of; if not all of their time on Kongregate. 

History Edit

Ownership Edit

I've asked around for history of previous room owners, and not much has been said besides "AlexKantra: It was some chick named Emily"

From what I've been told from the most previous owner, Glomple, that there had been two owners before him.

Ownerless Edit

The most trolliest room on Kongregate is now without a room owner. Glomple has given up his mod status, as well as room owner. I was told from Glomple that giving his status up as the leader of the most feared chat was simply because he hadn't been on enough lately. Even though The Basement has no set leader, long time reg AlexKantra is one of the last three year+ faithful members left (at one point was nominated to be a mod by Glomple) who in my opinion is the best candidate for legitimate room owner followed by Hermie143.

I'm not finished editing yet, obviously. I will finish in a few day or so hopefully.

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