The Arts Forum

Screenshot of The Arts forum.

The Arts forum is a forum where users can share music, writing and visual art that they have created. The sticky threads contain several links to free software for designing music and artwork.

The ForumEdit

The purpose of the Arts forum is for users to share music, sound loops, poems, stories, images, drawings and other art that they have created and receive criticism or praise for their work. Originally, there was two separate forums, one for music and one for visual art. After the Art and Sounds section was created, at the time named "The Collabs", the two forums were merged to correlate with the Art and Sounds section. Although the Arts forum is intended for posts of visual art, a large number of posts are requests for people to make avatars for them.

Common threadsEdit

Besides the threads of people posting their artwork and asking for people's opinions, there are many similar types of threads. Users will often create groups or contests where users post artwork around a specific topic. In the case of contests, users vote which artwork they think is the best. A large number of threads are made in order for a user to request specific artwork, most commonly avatars. Some threads contain sprites and music intended for game designers to use them in their games. There used to be threads where game designers and artists asked to collaborate on creating games, but those threads have gotten their own forum called the Collaborations forum.

Forum ModeratorsEdit

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