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The Adventures of Red is a point and click type of puzzle adventure game where you traverse a medieval castle.


In this game, you play as an adorable yellow adventurer named Red who didn't eat breakfast and so entered a castle in search of a free chocolate chip muffin. Using your mouse, you can click at various places to collect gems, keys and hats, and solve puzzles to reach your muffin. Puzzles include mostly original ones, but also old favorites such as Tower of Hanoi.


  • The developers used bright colors to help them stand out from each other, so as to make it more colorblind-friendly.


  Hidden in Plain Sight Badge
Easy pts
The Adventures of Red » Find 3 gems
  Top of the Muffin to You! Badge
Medium pts
The Adventures of Red » Reach the top of the tower to claim your muffin treat
  Haturday Celebration Badge
Medium pts
The Adventures of Red » Collect all 7 hats

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