The is a chat room on Kongregate.

The (Room)

"The" was a popular chat room on Kongregate. It was first established as "The Quarks" in early 2007. Since its inception, "Quarks" was primarily populated by 'raging homosexuals, furries, and trolls'. ToxicLuv, the original Room Owner, decided it would be quote 'fun' to change the name to something else. In either 2008 or 2009 the room's name was officially changed to "We Are Sane *twitch*". No formal vote was held.

Around this time, the room's population cleared up of furries and many of the trolls (though a select few still remained). 'Tocks' decided to discuss a new name to represent the new users. "Chaos Theory" was decided upon in a vote 7 to 1, with only a single vote for "Super Potato". Chaos Theory was referred to as 'the post apocalyptic wasteland of what once was' by some, referring to the earlier years of the room. The current name was changed to "The" on Monday, March 18, 2013 roughly at noon (PST), by the current room owner MaginManiac7, to lower the room's position in the global English chatroom list. This was widely regarded as a 'dick move'.

"The" never again reached the popularity of its former self. Many blamed MaginManiac7 for its demise, crediting ToxicLuv for attracting more users and encouraging educated conversation. Under the leadership of MaginManiac7, "The" all but died out. On October 16, 2016, "The" officially merged into existing chat room "Home" (now called "Home Grown").

Such ended the reign of one of Kongregate's oldest and most well known chat rooms.

A List Of Regulars by Room Name


We are Sane *twitch*

Chaos Theory


To visit this room, paste "?room_id=25716", behind the link of the game you're playing on Kongregate to get redirected to it. For example: would redirect you into this room.

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