Tesla8 is a fast action upgrade shooter game developed by neurowocky and published on Jun. 04, 2016. Tesla8 is a game where you are trying to reach Nikola Tesla who was trapped in an extra-dimensional plane by one of his own inventions.


Players control a paddle and move it around, aiming to bounce off metal balls in order to absorb the charge they hold by hitting blocks. Battery charge is used to launch another metal ball (you can upgrade how many there are) and generate projectiles to destroy blocks, skulls, etc.

A fully charged battery, however, grants you an upgrade in gameplay increasing the projectiles generated per shot, ball and shot power, etc.

Players aim to survive the 127 waves of blocks approaching to have the chance to battle Tesla and beat the game. The game is lost if any of the blocks made it through the screen. Blocks are destroyed either by metal balls hitting them or paddle's shots. 

There are two types of blocks:

  • Red, which is ordinary but capable of holding a coin or a skull within (once the block is destroyed, the skull is released. You want to avid it and let it pass. It passing through the paddle eliminates battery's charge).
  • Blue, shield blocks, can't be destroyed by metal balls, only by paddle's shot.


  1. NUM BALLS: Increases the number of balls.
  2. NUM SHOTS: Increases the maximum number 
  3. BALL POWER: Increases both maximum ball damage and the amount of charge they can hold.
  4. SHOT POWER: Increases the maximum damage shots can do.
  5. OVER CHARGE: Increases battery capacity.
  6. CHARGE SHOT: Kill skulls while overcharged.
  7. CHARGER: Constantly generates energy. 


Credits Where Credits Are Due Badge
  Credits Where Credits Are Due Badge
Easy pts
Tesla8 » Spend 1,000 points
Powering Through Badge
  Powering Through Badge
Medium pts
Tesla8 » Reach "50 waves remaining"
Freedom in Defeat Badge
  Freedom in Defeat Badge
Hard pts
Tesla8 » Defeat Tesla

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